Friday, October 1, 2010

7 Dirtiest Quotes on Eastbound & Down


  • Steve doesn't accept layaway.  If you make a f&ckin' bet with Steve, you f&ckin' pay Steve when his f&ckin' cock wins.
  • He will titty titty bang bang you.  He'll cut your tits off right here.
  • The wild lanscape became my mistress.  The wild women, my cum caves.
  • Goddamit.  How many times do I gotta tell ya'll to keep it down?  Keep your musica down.  Ya'll out here damn kickin' this f&ckin' soccer ball around like you're goddamn Pele, blastin' the music, I'm tryin' to write.
  • Let me make this real clear Catoue, if there is one thing in this world I cannot stand, it is f&ckin' soccer, all right?  And I hate when people do it around me.  Please hop off my moped, please, that is a very expensive vehicle.
  • You don't like me?  Well, you're the one with the f&ckin' disability.  It should be me not liking you and yet I accept you.  And you do this to me?  Ehhh ... F&ck you, you midget.  I'm taking the f&ckin' cocks.
  • Oh I see.  This is a f&ckin' double cross huh?  He's gonna bash my f*ckin' brains and you're gonna cut my d&ck off, you're gonna steal the cocks and f&ckin' roll me?  Fine.  After I told you that you were my best side kick.