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LANALOGGER Marissa Herbert writes

I was at Noho Star downtown on Sat. afternoon and I look up, and he walked in! I started to freak out hoping Ed Westwick was meeting him for lunch, but instead it was some dude with white hair in running clothes. And he brought Chace a power drill...kind of weird. They had like a quick 20 min lunch and left. And yes, he is just as pretty in person, if not prettier. Seriously ridiculously good-looking."

Are you sure you weren't watching an episode of Gossip Girl? You know, the one where Nate wants to surprise Blair and hang a picture of himself in her room. Except he never owned a power drill, so he had to borrow one from the wise man with white hair who taught him that hard work is good for the soul.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Reasons Why Entourage Rocks (again)

  1. Ari & Lloyd. The real stars of the show. There is never a bad storyline with these two (even a couple a few seasons back when Ari helped get Lloyd back together with his boyfriend). I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Lloyd to be an agent. He'll be better than Ari.
  2. The E Love Triangle. I must admit, I was over E a couple of seasons ago, due to his whiny nature and super short body. Now however, I am kind of digging the - E/Sloan/Barely Legal with an Attitude Fatal Attraction - Triangle.
  3. Drama's quotes. Drama has had some of the best quotes of the season including "I hate when people hate me" and "E. You miniature Stud."
  4. Turtle & His Seth Rogen Obsession. Fact: Seth Rogen is really ugly. Fact: No one ever says it. Fact: He probably gets laid all the time. Fact: Ugly funny famous guys get laid - a lot.
  5. Andrew. In the end, all Ari wants to do is keep his wife happy. In steps Andrew, his wife and a 26 year old agent. What can't be good for them, is great for us.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quotes and Photos from the Real Housewives of NJ

"I feel like I could use one more strand of beads." - Dina

"Honey. Can't you see mommy's busy? I'll breast feed you after." - Caroline

"Oh my god! Check out Teresa's headband." - Dina

"Oh my gawd. Did I tell you I love green? It's like, I don't know ... classy. Did I use that word right?" - Teresa

"Hurry up dude. I'm trying to distract her for as long as I can - snag the Rolex already." - Random Wanna-be Jersey Model.

"Ohh. You want to be breast fed too? As long as you call me mommy." - Caroline

"Now if I could just stab this pen in her throat, my life would be awesome." - Jaqueline

"Yo. It like takes a couple of hours to get our hair like this." - Either one of the Mangini Momma's boys.

"I swear I haven't had any Botox injections in my lips, forehead and cheeks." - Dina.

(special thanks to Christina Lazopoulos Warnick for the photos).

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life On The D-List? (posted by KCo)

Kathy is going to the Apollo, so naturally she consults her only black friend, Rachael. Is funny funny or does she need to tailor her brand of funny for the Apollo’s audience? She’s use to the gays. Britney jokes? Miley jokes at the Apollo? Ummm not so much.

Kathy decides that Rachael isn’t cutting it for advice so she turns to black comedian Katt Williams. He’s the number one touring comedian in the US and has basically retired at 35. How have I never heard of this guy? This guy has a putting green, dogs, a million cars, and even a zoo – kind of MJ style at Neverland complete with weird exotic animals. He even has a red velvet rope in his house like a nightclub…Kathy’s not sure if that’s a black thing but she wants one.

Katt advises Kathy that comedy isn’t color blind. Don’t be clean. No Lohan or white people material.

Kathy is feeling like she is in over her head so she proceeds to talk to every black person she knows beginning with the one and only – TI.

They meet at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Mind you this is a mere 31 days before TI heads to jail. TI gives Tom and Tiffany nicknames, Lash Pick and Tiny.

In order to capitalize on TI’s hit Swagger Like Us, Kathy decides to go swagger…Kathy tries wearing her pants low…ahhh white lady butt crack. Swagering down Hollywood Blvd with TI…

Maggie is shocked that Kathy is going to the Apollo (the big black stage as she calls it). She is worried that she won’t have supporters there. Maggie’s African American history goes as deep as viewing”Julia” with Dianne Carroll.

Kathy tells Maggie that Al Sharpton is going to escort her to the Apollo. Maggie was not an Al fan because he was always “moaning and groaning”. He’s getting better though according to Maggie. Really?

Kathy goes to Al’s office looking for advice. She’s more nervous heading to the Apollo then being in Iraq. Al advises to be careful of race jokes and don’t use the n word. Kathy rattles a list of possible joke victims…

Jessica Simpson - nope

Octomom – blank stare

Wynona’s Diet Pills – Scooby head tilt

Ok so that little list didn’t work so well so she decides to play a game of who would you rather?

Hillary or Janet Reno?

None of the above for Al.

Beyonce or Solange?

Would rather watch Beyonce dance (Al stop lying).

Roscoe’s or Polo Lounge?


Cut to Kathy singing Ebony and Ivory while Al reminds her that the Apollo is one big stop on becoming a major A-lister.

Kathy agrees to do Al’s radio show, Keepin it Real. And guess what -no one calls in...Not even one gay guy calls in? Kathy worries that this is only a foreshadowing of her night at the Apollo…empty house.

On her way to the Apollo…she tells Tom and Tiffany that if she bombs she needs them to sing back up to Dream Girls And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.

While she’s backstage at the Apollo she hears kids in the other room and freaks out that kids will be in the audience? Yikes…not good.

She finds out that she is performing as part of Amateur Family Night…bam back on the D List.

Al gives her a great intro basically telling the audience to be fair and kind to Kathy. What could possibly go wrong? Things are going really well for quite some time until she makes a really crude joke about lip plumping and that it looks like a female body part below the waist put on your face (I’m doing my best here people…she can be pretty hard-core).

What ensues is the most awkward moment I’ve ever witnessed…the Apollo starts to play her off stage. You see behind the scenes cameras capturing the stage manager yelling at her saying that she disrespected the house and kids were out there. She’s lucky she made it to the car alive.

Kathy immediately calls Katt Williams from the limo who pauses and says, “Oh my god that is the greatest sh&t ever….ha ha haaaaaa”.

So lesson learned…on Apollo Kids Night you’re not suppose to do p&ssy jokes

And to ensure that she hasn’t misinterpreted the situation she gets a letter from the Apollo that she is not welcome now or in the future…just add it to the long list of bans.

Until next time…


VIEWS OF THE WEEK -JOHN EDWARD the Psychic (posted by Katina Corrao)

I love to talk. I really love to talk. So, the idea of communicating is just an awesome thing, especially to me, because, like I said, I love to talk. I have always been a talker. Even as a kid I would chat it up with anyone who would listen. In school, I was known for my “diarrhea of the mouth.” I even remember my 7th grade teacher looking at my class’s artwork of the mallard ducks we drew announcing that he knew exactly which one was mine because it was quacking. Talking makes me happy. It reminds me that at any moment, I can make a connection with someone and to me connections are great things. I believe we exist to connect and to share and I never want to miss out on an opportunity.

Now, I should probably mention that I am just as eager to talk with family and friends who have passed on, as I am to talk with those I can actually have a cup of coffee with. For instance, when I see a feather on the ground I never think that it comes from a shedding pigeon, but rather as a sign from my friend Lisa who passed away. I believe it is a little hello sent just for me. Pennies, feathers, butterflies, numbers are all things that at certain times I look to as a greeting from friends far away. I am also a big “sign” person. Like a sponge I absorb seemingly ordinary circumstances and believe they are signs from above.

So, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to The Psychic & Psychotic Show in the Wamu Center at Madison Square Garden. Psychic Medium John Edward teamed up with WPLJ'S Todd Pettengill to bring a packed theatre messages from those who have crossed over. Being a comedian I was more skeptical of Todd, the “psychotic” part of the duo, because I wasn’t sure how funny it would be to have him there making jokes as John gave readings. Much to my surprise they complimented each other very well. The anxious and eager audience held people of all ages who sat in anticipation that they would hear from the other side.

This was my second time at a John Edwards event. The first time I was in the front row and not surprisingly talked a lot to the people around me. I told them all about my friends who had died and expressed my hope that they would come through. I told then how
each one of them had died, when, where, so that even if the show was fixed every microphone also heard my every detail. Then after the show when I wasn’t read, I blamed it on the fact that maybe I said too much and thought I jinxed myself. So, this time I went alone, and didn’t look or talk to anyone. It was like a little experiment. In fact, eerily enough the seat next to me was empty. By the way, this is one of those situations that I was talking about earlier, where someone may not think anything of it but to me, it meant someone from the other side was sitting next to me. Regardless, I didn’t get a private reading. However, long story longer, the feeling that went through me as I saw other people being read was so much more powerful than if I had been read. I mean, listen, did I want Michael Jackson to come through and tell me he is happy that I am a fan of his on Facebook? Yes, but it didn’t matter because you see, I am a believer. I already see signs and attribute them to conversations with my spiritual friends. But to watch someone who has never experienced it before, to see a mother feel some relief that her child is okay, is simply beautiful. Husbands, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, friends, even a turtle came through to people one after another. John was convincing enough with precise details about these people/animals that it seemed almost impossible not to believe. He described personalities, wardrobes, locations, personal details like medications and sexual activity of their loved ones and we watched as troubled sad people reaching for something were transformed with feelings of calmness and hope. John brought love, joy and conversations back to sorrowful hearts. He gave them a chance to talk.

Communication is an awesome thing. I encourage you never to miss out on an opportunity to talk.

Katina is one of the funniest chicks out there. I know ... I did a show with her and I was jealous she was more funny than me. For more on Katina, check out her site

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Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life on the D-List (posted by KCo)

First off we get a good look at Kathy's home...and I had to ask myself "Did they shoot "Date My Ex" here?" Her pool looks super familiar. Ohh! I miss Jo and Slade. He really is the ultimate d-bag but he really is great TV. I digress ...

Kathy is obsessed with owning a second home because that's another trapping of an A-lister. So she decides to go to Star Island - of course. So off to Miami she goes to meet with none other than Gloria Estefan and Rosie.

Humidity and Kathy's hair are not a good combo. At all. Really hideous. In fact, she needs a case of that new No Frizz product. I think only scientists at MIT can fix that mop.

Kathy enlists Rosie, Gloria and a gay realtor in a multi- million dollar house search ($14-50MM). We see a house that Mariah use to rent. Apparently she had one room filled with clothes, when she really only wore cut offs and a wife beater. Gee, I wonder if she cut off the waist bands? Mariah - such a visionary - really she could claim that she invented low rise jeans, right?

Kathy has an outburst in one of the homes when she finds out that the owners were friends with Ron and Nancy. She has a 30 second Republican bashing tirade. I wish it were longer but how many Republicans are watching Bravo?

In the second home, we see some really strange stuff. I guess that happens when you have so much money that you can buy a second home (for $50MM.) Kathy is greeted at the second home by a stuffed dog. Yup. So creepy. Kathy then ponders if she should stuff Chance and Pom Pom when they are gone. Oh and we also find a casket in the bedroom.

Kathy finally lands on her last and final house. This one supposedly has a "soft listing" (between $17-20MM). Kathy decides that it is time to negotiate. She consults her A List friends - Gloria and Ro. At the girls sleepover at Gloria's she tells the girls that she slept with Jack Black...twice in her mind. She also tells them that she is indeed one step closer to A list status since she now has a book deal. Rosie loves her title "Official Book Club Selection". Genius!

Gloria also tells Kathy that another notch on her A-lister belt would be to have her own hotel (just like Gloria!). Kathy gets a call from a guest complaining about loud music from one of the rooms and she needs to hush them up. In the room she finds a bunch of "Elways" or as Kathy has dubbed them "Tards" - getting trashed.

My favorite moment of this episode is when Kathy is in a boat (Michael Moore style) screaming for all of the celebs to come out of their homes. We are greeted by Rosie who gives us a full on Irish moon. Yup. Not pretty.

Gloria, Rosie and Kathy head to lunch at Gloria's restaurant, Larios. Gloria has Kathy try oxtail by not informing her that she was actually eating. When it comes to dessert, Gloria orders flan. What other desserts are there really )Flan was always my go to dessert in 8th grade Spanish class whenever I needed to finish a sentence about what one would eat). Rosie will NOT eat the flan because she thinks flan = mucus. I can't say i disagree. Gloria will not take no for an answer so tries to convince Rosie that she's just never had the right flan. Rosie says that's like what people say to her about men. You just haven't met the right one. Nope - Rosie doesn't want a man or flan.

So she finally decides to offer $1.7MM - to which the realtor says you could buy the pool house or ... turn that into a respectable security deposit. Kathy walks and bursts her dreams of second home ownership.

That concludes this weeks turn on the D-List. See you next week!

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Reality Bites (by jill b) - The Bachlorette

The Bachelorette
Is it me or shouldn't Jillian be a tad perky if she was really in love with 3 guys? The dates with Reid and Kiptyn were boring and forgettable - I watched the show last night and barely remember what they did.
Here is what bothers me about Jillian and Kiptyn - she doesn't think she is good enough for him and that is kind of sad.
Reid is so super sweet and normal - and I think he would have been a good match for her. But she seems to feel like it is not there if the guy is not jumping up and screaming "I love you". With 2 other guys in the picture, that is a risky move to make after just a couple of weeks on TV!
Even more than his dramatic return, this episode was totally the Ed show. Ed really stepped it up by bringing his parents to Hawaii to meet Jillian so she could stop throwing it in his face that he didn't have a hometown date. She likes that he listens to her - blah blah. Ed also showed his fashion flair with his seersucker jacket (which I was a fan of and apparently Jillian told him he looked like an ice cream man) and 1980's bathing suit (which he clearly stole from Tom Selleck's Magnum PI wardrobe). It was also kind of nice that he came to console her after she got back from putting Reid in the limo.

One interesting theory that I read on a blog - Reid is coming back to profess his love to Jillian. She's going to pull a Brad Womack and reject both Kiptyn and Ed, but this time Jillian will give the final rose to a bachelor she has previously rejected, namely Reid.

What do you think of this theory? Any others as to what will happen at the "alter"? Will Jillian get a ring???

Check out Chris Harrison's blog - v funny -'s take on it
Jillian's blog

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7 Things in the News Today That Made Me Say "Stop It": 7/14

1) Joe Jackson is rumored to be pushing Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket to form a new band called The Jackson 3. Stop it.
2) Ryan Seacrest just signed ANOTHER deal that will make him millions - 45 to be exact. Stop it.
3) Ryan Seacrest is 34 years old. Stop it.
4) Emma Watson is on the cover of UK Elle looking super hot, whereby making all men (and women) feel super pervy.
5) The Jackson brothers are currently filming a reality series pilot for A&E, about their reunion tour, which will include footage from their brother's funeral, in order to generate more interest. Stop it.
6) Jennifer Aniston went from being linked to Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper to now Gerard Butler. (C'mon publicist) Stop it.
7) Photos have emerged of Hailey Glassman's smiling mugshot (Jon Gosselin's new twinkie). Apparently she was arrested for smoking the grass (as MOM calls it). Now she'll be forever known as Jon Gosselin's new 22 year-old burner burnout girlfriend (and it hasn't even been a month). Stop it.

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LANALOGGER Alison Rock writes

"So I am driving in horrific traffic with my husband on Broome Street heading into Holland Tunnel and we notice a bright yellow lamborgini next to us. As we pull up next to it we notice it is Tracy Morgan! So we HAD to say something to him. We pull the window down and tell him how much we love him and 30 Rock. He appreciated it. Then he says "Dick Cheney is Mad". Not really sure why but we laughed and that was it. Then we started to notice that so many people started to notice him. People blowing kisses, taking pictures etc. He put his thumbs up then he finally decided to the put the top of his convertible up since everyone started to notice him."

I must find out the meaning to that profound statement. Thoughts? Email us at

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Queen Latifah Performing Live in Central Park Today (It's Free)!

Queen Latifah is performing on Friday, July 10th on Good Morning America in Central Park. This is the beginning of what promises to be an incredible album launch. Please join for a free concert in Central Park, it will be a great time!

Central Park opens to the public at 6 a.m. and audience members will be permitted to enter the park starting then. Concerts are free and open to the public. Entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis. "Good Morning America" airs live from 7 to 9 a.m., with concert performances usually starting around 8:30 a.m.

Please bring friends! The more the merrier.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life On The D-List? (posted by KCo)

So on this week's episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, we watch Kathy help her mom, Maggie fill out her bucket list. It makes me think that I really need to get going on mine (that may be too depressing a summertime activity, don't you think?).

But before they do that, Kathy needs to get her agent on the phone...she wants an endorsement deal and quick to which her agent becomes speechless. She yells, "What would I be the face of?" Dildos? People associate her since New Year's with d&ck in your mouth jokes so it would be a natural fit. Hmm...what about a book? She gets lots of requests for those apparently... That's it! A book about her mother! And Mother is going down pretty hard.

Off to Random House dressed like an author in a fur stole, glen plaid and glasses.
The Editors ask her , "What are your favorite authors and books?" Silence. Steele, Oscar Wilde, Hemingway...yeah right. The discussion around the press launch for the book gets a little complicated when she realizes that she might be relegated to the fourth hour of the Today Show. She only wants Matt - she's too big for Hoda and Kathy Lee. And from there it's just downhill...Leno - banned, Jon Stewart - banned, Martha- banned. Kathy finally admits that she hasn't read a book since last weeks US Weekly. Sorry Lana - let's just say it was People.

So on to writing Maggie's bucket order:

1) See a nice play here and there
2) Go out to dinner
3) Good night's sleep
4) A good BM
5) Oh and she'd like to go to the wine section of CA (aka wine country)
6) Love to meet Betty White (yeah me too she's spunky)
7) Love to meet Don Rickles
8) Love to meet Stephanie Powers (my mind is blank - who the hell is she? Oh right - Heart to Heart - ok its been a rough week).

Pilates with Stephanie Powers - "like being at a gay bar on free drink night - lot of butt work" according to Kathy Griffin. And apparently we're not stopping until you can bounce a dime off of Maggie's a$$. Kathy's imitation of her mother reacting to what would have happened if Kathy suggested doing Pilates was classic.
Kathy: "I'm not doing any goddam pilates - jesus h christ on the cross - pass me the wine before i slap your smart mouth".

Next stop, The Sizzler, in comes Betty White! Boy, do they enjoy the all you can eat salad bar. They play a quick game of password, which Maggie messes up by saying the actual word, but hey she's bumping up against 90. Cue theme music from Golden Girls and bring in the cheesecake. Another make a wish achieved.

Next stop the wine section of CA! Off we go in a party bus, with a stripper pole no less.
Kathy doesn't drink in the "wine section" because she can't be more loose - "what can i drink to make me more conservative and have better judgement?"
Maggie puts it away at the tasting and drinks everyone under the table.

Last but not least enter Don Rickles who visits Maggie and Kathy at Kathy's house. Maggie is so excited that she practically doesn't let him leave. Maggie was so sweet. Don reminded her of her late husband John.

Loved what the producers did at the end by interviewing Don Rickles who says that his visit was long and boring and that Kathy lives on a hill, on top of a tree, on top of a forest. Very inconvenient.

Next week Rosie - yeah!!!!!!! My two favorites Rosie and Kathy in one episode - dreams do come true! I know. What can I say? I like women who say whatever the hell they want, especially if it's to Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Reality Bites (posted by jill b): The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
So the big news was that the promos were totally misleading about someone who couldn't hook up in the bedroom. Big disappointment - was hoping for the "perfomance issue" episode.

Jillian and the boys frolicked around Spain and she turned down 3 of the 4 fantasy suite cards (kinda). First she met up with Kiptyn who is kinda awkward. Trista said in her blog that Kiptyn is an awkward kisser but watching this entire episode - Jillian was awkward kissing all the guys. Is it just her or the cameras?

Then a disheveled Reid (who usually looks so cute) met up to have a picnic and butcher the Spanish language - they seemed to have the most fun together. She is expecting a lot for these guys to gush their undying love and talk about proposals. When the roles are reversed though, on The Bachelor, the women are always spilling their hearts out . . . . usually to get stomped on.
On her date with Ed, Jillian just kept ragging about how much time they missed together and how she didn't get to meet his family. Jillian's plans to ''catch up'' with Ed? Well, at least she's gotten caught up with his tongue (OK - copied that from an article I read, but it's true!). When she was asking him what his family would think of her - he OF COURSE said that they would love her - what else can he say?!

You knew it was all over for Wes when he said "numero uno is most important here". Clearly NOT the "I love you" that Jillian was hoping for. They were not only unaffectionate - they were distant and he was pretty rude to her at the park.

At the Rose Ceremony, when Wes said he would be going home to have lots of sex - I hope you caught the shocked and disgusted expressions from Reid and Kiptyn - let's hope Ed's laugh was a nervous laugh and not a "I hear ya Buddy" laugh - or Jillian will be standing alone at the end. She should not have even walked him out of the Rose Ceremony - his limo interview was so crude.

After this week, the chemistry with Kiptyn is cooling down and Ed and Reid seem to be destined for final two. Onto Hawaii for more one on one dates. . . Don't they meet her parents? I thought that was usually at the end but maybe they didn't want to or maybe the show doesn't want to go back to Vancouver again.

Check out Chris Harrison's blog -
And Trista's blog -

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Am I the Only Person That Thinks Jacko's Service Was Wacko?

There. I said it. I loved Michael and have no comment on his personal life, but did anyone else find yesterday a little weird? Here are 7 Reasons why:
  1. Brooke Sheilds actually said the names "Prince, Paris and Blanket" with a straight face.
  2. The lame Tweets from the Celebrity Community while the service was going on - For example: "I'm starting with the woman in the mirror. Bless you Michael." - by Pam Anderson.
  3. The Jackson brothers seeing this as an opportunity for a 2009/2010 Reunion Tour, in Vegas no less.. Really?
  4. Germaine singing way out of tune. I'm sure the brothers are rethinking that tour.
  5. Michael's coffin on stage during the concert (let's call it what it was, I'm sure there will be CDs available). Did anyone else find this creepy? Only thing that was creepier:
  6. Corey Feldman dressed as MJ.
  7. No wait. Scratch that. Joe Jackson getting a standing ovation. Creepiest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bret Michaels: Can I Eat Your Forearms?

I couldn't find a more perfect picture if I tried. This is exactly how I pictured Bret Michaels: Skull shirt. Red plastic cup in the middle of the day. Tour bus. Fake tan. Leather wristlet. Ripped forearms. Standing next to a fan with an "I Want You to Want Me." T-shirt.
LANALOGGER Danielle Papandrea writes
"This picture was taken at the Comcast Center in Mansfield MA. I think it was a Poisson, def Leppard and Cheap Trick concert. You wouldn't catch me dead at one of those shows."
Oh Danielle. I disagree. You would catch me alive (and dead) with my top off just to get a glimpse at those forearms.

Monday, July 6, 2009

True Blood with Nick

“Scratches” (6/28)

“Scratches” begins with the immediate answer to last week’s cliffhanger, dismissing the conflict by resolution of Bill glamouring Jessica’s family to the point of believing everything was all right. A taste of the writers expressing “did you really care about what happened to Jessica’s family? Oh, well, sorry but we’ve got some craziness about to ensue that will make you forget last weeks episode anyways” was evident.

Suddenly Sookie is alone and being chased by some wild bull-headed-man-monster who seems to be particularly un-cool. Her back is shredded by it’s claw and then it leaves her be, only to be found moments later by Bill. After she’s cleaned up at Fangtasia by some weirdo old lady Sookie is back to normal as if nothing happened (cue the OR IS SHE?).

Daphne, Sam’s new waitress, is apparently a horrible employee but a seemingly more significant character than you may have first believed. I noticed how much they’d been throwing her down our throats so I figured she’d be more than just Sam’s new waitress, so the underwear party with Sam at the lake and her bull-man scar reveal was only a matter of time.

So did Jason Stackhouse do the big nasty with the Jesus freak blondie Sarah? I loved the vampire stories circle that caused him to rush out with the realization that he doesn’t belong there. According to Sarah, Jason is just like her, she’s an ex-vampire rights activist who lost her sister to a V addiction. All this convinces Jason’s dumb, dumb, ass to stay (and likely take care of Sara’s who-ha).

Other interesting tidbits:
Maryann is still a mystery, which was of limited development this episode with nothing more than a pig sighting and orgy parties at her house.
Lafayette is freed thanks to Sookie’s gift being put to use in a clever way (listening to the stupid Fangtasia bar maid’s stupid mind).
Tara seems to be really into “Mr. I’m Soooo Perfect”, but I have a feeling his whole persona is a complete sham.
Jessica is trying to live her vampire life but Bill is stifling her.

This episode was great but it did have its moments of non perfection.
Overall 9 outta 10

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life On The D List? (posted by KCo)

Hi! Lana here. I just wanted to say that this was one of my favorite columns of all time because it incorporated the words:
Teabagging, Fisting, Bravolebrity, ContraDICKS & Angry Badger.

Why aren't I watching My Life on the D-List?
And now .. I give you ... KCo ....

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life On The D List?
Finally an episode on Young Hollywood!!!!!!!! Gotta love the tips on how Kathy can friend this demographic:
1) Dress immature
2) Facebook
3) Hang out with young A-listers
4) Get on a "young show" like on the CW

So apparently Gossip Girl passed on Kathy due to scheduling ok. That's too bad because I could really see Kathy as the new Irish maid. But Privileged snatched her up thanks to one of her gays who happened to be the casting director. Didn't that show get cancelled? My favorite part of her #4 on her to do list get on CW was her tip on how to look better on camera...Vaseline the hell out of the lens a la Cybil Sheppard in Moonlighting.

OK on to challenge #2 the Facebook page or as Maggie calls it Face Place. Kathy decides to put Maggie in charge of updating her page. Maggie thinks that it sounds like a lot of work and she simply doesn't have that kind of time. Kathy, however, does not give up and tells Maggie that she's a "momager" and she "could learn a few things from Dina and Lynn" (please you know exactly who I'm talking about). Maggie's first task is to cyber-bully Ryan Seacrest...oh goody. Kathy writes on Ryan's wall, "So happy for your success - enjoy your fisting session tonight". Then she begs her mother to complete her status "Kathy is..." with Kathy is teabagging Nick Cannon. Maggie can't accept the job and she doesn't do teabagging (btw...whatever that is). Then Maggie concludes the wall updating session by reading a recent post to Kathy's wall, "B&tch needs to be muzzled 4 eva".

Next stop on our list #1 and 4 - Dress immature and hang out with a young A-lister. Done and done by getting ready to hang with Paris Hilton. Cut to getting dressed montage. She is advised not to wear a bra. She proceeds to stroll down Robertson lifting up her dress to get the young Hollywood shot. Kathy meets Paris at Kitson, of course! What ensues is a shopping competition and a pose off. Oh and a tutorial in Paris' lexicon of cool...we learn her new catch phrase..."this dress is so SICK". Kathy adds her own spin by adding that the dress is so sick that it is actually vomiting. And Paris educates us that she has moved on from "HOT" to "HUGE" - all in her creepy, baby accent. And to add insult to injury the check out girl calls Kathy "Katie" after Kathy spends nearly 15K (She beat Paris by 2K). Kathy needs a bathing suit for her next outing with Paris and the bathing suit must read "accessible but you can't rape me"(That's quite a brief). During this bit of bonding/girl talk, Paris informs Kathy that "only ugly girls go down on their knees". Kathy is not buying that from Paris. Didn't we see video that contraDICKS that? PS - In the middle of all this, Jill Zarin enters into Kitson. Uh oh a competing Bravolebrity.

Paris and Kathy go poolside where Kathy decides that she wants to play a game of "Either/Or" with Paris. Paris answers the mundane but freezes when Kathy asks her missionary or on top. Kathy creates a new position that she has named the Angry Badger.

So now that we are a few episodes in, it is clear that each episode has her "new friend" calling a celeb that Kathy wouldn't have access to. So in comes Snoop who is such a trooper and is the only one who doesn't rebuff Kathy's advances. I think he actually would hit that...and boy that's a lot of pot. I think Kathy was really turned on because Snoop actually had hold music on his cell phone. So catch that Team Griffin...that's your next task.

Paris' night is Mr Chow, then Apple, followed by 3 after parties. Kathy is not game as she would rather order pizza and watch Sober House. That sounds nice. I love Dr Drew. In the cold light of the next day, Kathy has buyers remorse "that shit is going back to Kitson asap".
We wrap it up with Kathy firing Maggie because she's not accepting friends and writing weird things on the wall like a drunken video log.
Until next week - have a happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reality Bites (posted by jill brady)

The Bachelorette

I'm loving this season! I know, I know, I love every season. Was so happy to see Ed pop back in this week - he was one of my projected finalists - was glad Jillian gave him another chance. Wes? Not sure why she kept him - it is pretty obvious based on all we have seen that he is there for his career and not sincere with Jillian. She either doesn't see it - even when Jake comes back and pushes it in her face (why was he crying after?) or doesn't want to see it. Either way, still rooting for Ed and Kiptyn in the end. Michael is way too immature - the twin switch trick was stupid.

Good links:

Josh Hartnett: Spotted Eating for Free

An Anonymous LANALOGGER spots Josh Hartnett yesterday at Ruby’s on Mott & Spring. Apparently, they gave him his lunch for free. Ummm lady? Why are you talking to the "I'm too old for my sideways hat" dude, when Josh Hartnett is sitting across from you?