Friday, August 28, 2009

Name This Celebrity From Behind?

Boarding a plane to Boston earlier this week - name her.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JYPSI - Tonight at The Living Room on Ludlow

Check out JYPSI TONIGHT at the Living at 7PM on Ludlow Street. I saw these guys play last week at The Soutwest Porch in Bryant Park (which is a great place to go for drink by the way) and they were great. A very cool, hip brother/sister Country band. Did I say Country? Last week I went with a bunch of people and didn't tell them the band was Country - because I wanted them to come. They kind of found out because they read it on my blog and everyone had a good time and had to admit the band was really good and cute. Hope to see you tonight! For more info check out:

Pics from last week's event at Bryant Park.

KCo's Corner (posted by KCo - duh)

Flipping Out

I love Kathy Griffin but I am ready to move on to more neurotic pastures with the premiere of Flipping Out!!! Oh I missed you Jeff Lewis, Jenny and Zoila. He makes all the neurotic people in my life look relaxed...myself included.
For those of you who missed last season, Jeff is a house flipper who often flips out when things don't go his way. He has a housekeeper, Zoila and an assistant Jenny who has a baby voice and got divorced last season from a moron who Jeff fired last season for slacking off and rumaging through his stuff. How did Jeff know this? Oh because any sane person who put in security cameras to watch their staff, right? I will get more dirt on Jenny as one of my friends is actually an acquaintance/friend of hers. I need more on this woman because I can't imagine working for Jeff Lewis or being married to that total jerk off ex-husband of hers. Jeff's best days are when his cabinets are neatly organized. Man he gets of on neatly arranged Evian bottles. He actually took the time to pull Zoila into the cabinets to see what assistant #2 had accomplished.
Obviously with the recession, house flipping isn't really going all that well so Jeff is forced to go into decorating and home improvements. Jeff is actually living now in one of the houses that he was trying to flip. So Jeff is now not his own boss but is forced to work for someone else...hmmm. It must be killing him that he now needs to drive to the Valley to listen to some idiot housewife tell him what she wants to do. He has also apparently spent the past 10 months being Jenny's therapist as she finalizes her divorce. He even has been retooling her gaydar by informing her that straight men don't ask women out for salads.
I really could of used Jeff Lewis' advice as my gaydar was severely malfunctioning in 2000. I was dating a guy who used Estee Lauder moisturizer and had a pair of leather pants in his closet and that wasn't enough to send me a strong message:) Anyway... Jeff's brother, Todd is marrying Jeff's real estate agent, Kerri. His brother Todd is a total guys guy. I wonder what he thinks of Jeff. Apparently Kerri was a runaway bride the first time. Jeff is becoming a bridezilla himself. He's VERY involved in the wedding of course.
I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us all...until next week.

The Rachel Zoe Project

I just can't believe that someone actually is stressed out over finding the perfect dress for a vapid celebrity...and it is considered a job. Sorry if anyone out there is a stylist - but honestly, seriously - shopping? come on. But alas...someone really does worry about this nonsense and that woman is Rachel Zoe. And we are lucky that Bravo has decided to air this train wreck for all to see.
More than anything I'd like to know how old this woman really is because if I had her money, connections and access i would certainly not have that prune face and sickly body. Someone needs to style her face. Wow, that was a lot of anger. But I think she is a joke. A joke that i love watching. I especially love her assistants...I really do have a soft spot for Brad. I actually stalked him last year at the Project Runway Finale...and since he is so sweet he actually spoke to me! Of course he would. But Taylor or Tay as Rachel calls her is almost of disgusting and vapid as Rachel with her bad attitude and extremely dried out hair. She is in need of a Vo5 deep conditioning treatement asap.
We kick off this season with Team Zoe out to find the perfect dress(es) for the Golden Globes. Cut to shopping scenes on Rodeo Drive and calls to various designers - boring. And once we find the dress(es) then they cut out the good stuff like seeing Team Zoe squeeze celebrities into their gowns while using catch phrase - "I die". It's a good thing. Major drama moment when Eva Mendes calls Tay because -pause- she has a stain on her dress. The world stops and Tay comes to the rescue to assure Eva that it is the size of a pin head and tucked behind a more victory for Team Zoe.
This season is filled with all types of drama as Tay wonders if she should branch out on her own, Rachel deals with the press and her eating disorder rumors ( oh i'm there for that one) and I would like closure on Rachel's marriage to Roger who I have to imagine is gay, right? Nothing wrong with that but that wouldn't work in my marriage.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life On The D List? (by KCo)

It's the season finale and Kathy is getting a star on the Walk of Fame. She scopes out her ideal location and the only spot that she really doesn't want is right between Barbara Walters and Ryan Seacrest:) This turns out to be a short lived honor as Bravo has only NOMINATED her but she ultimately didn't get approved. Oh well to bad she's told EVERYONE about it. So as a consellation prize they've given her a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. Well even Maggie is up in arms about this one. It's a big conspiracy theory - Ryan is definitely behind her rejection.

Kathy decides to make lemonade out of lemons...she's going to Palm Springs. She calls Suzanne Somers as she needs a celebrity to present the star to her. Suzanne can't do it but decides to throw her a dinner party since she can't be organic dinner party so no diet soda...meanwhile Kathy is slurping a big diet coke while talking to Suzanne. Ok I totally agree with Suzanne - Diet Coke is evil unless you like drinking chemicals and want early onset osteoporosis by all means knock yourself out:) Ok back to the show...

Off to Palm Springs, Suzanne greets Kathy is some sort of contraption...a funicular -a motorized cart - because it's a long ways to her house? OMG, I love her house/compound and the organic spread is AMAZING!!!! Suzanne has always worked - it is true - from Three's Company to Thigh Master to bioidentical Suzanne got fired from Three's Company because she wanted as much $ as Jack Tripper - breaking the glass ceiling - blonde style.
Suzanne's vegetable garden is also ridiculously amazing. The debate about diet soda continues in the garden. Kathy pledges to NOT drink diet soda for 30 days or just try.
Kathy still needs a celebrity to present the award to they call Barry Manilow who also has prior committments:) So she takes matters into her own hands, she takes a celebrity bus tour so she can go door to door. Carol Channing is the first stop. First question - is she alive? Is she free tomorrow? So Team Griffin decides to knock on her door and trespass. No one is home so Kathy leaves a note.

Off to Suzanne's dinner party...Kathy wants diet soda to accompany her meal but no luck. She asks the staff to serve it to her with no ice in a wine glass - her own private stash. So after a very nice toast to Kathy...she spots the wine glass. Busted. Kathy can't fool Suzanne who apparently has bionic vision from all of the hormones. Tiffany outs her with a purse full of Diet Coke.

At the star dedication, Kathy finds some protesters who say she's going to burn in hell. But the protesters are drowned out by the thongs I mean throngs of gays. Maggie introduced Kathy and was crying - too cute! And the come the surprises...Carol Channning after all...AND Suzanne Somers AND Barry Manilow...Bravo you had me fooled.

And that concludes another season on the D List...stay tuned as I move on to Jeff Lewis and Rachel Zoe - I die!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Check out JYPSI tonight at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park. I saw these guys at the Hard Rock in NYC when the opened for Seal at a Chartiy event a couple of years ago and they were great. Young, hip, brother/sister band.

Their label gave me a good blurb about them (see below), which will be better than my description above and an additional "They like rock". Hope to see you tonight!

Young Sibling Band, Jypsi, Announces Not-to-Be-Missed New York Engagements

Arista Nashville’s vibrant sibling group Jypsi will be spending a rare ten days in New York this month with eight engagements scheduled during the jaunt. The general public will have an opportunity to catch what the Los Angeles Times calls the “most jaw-dropping country show of the year” for free August 21st, 24th and 25th from 6:00-6:45pm and August 26 from 7:00pm-7:45pm at the Living Room, located at 154 Ludlow Street, in Manhattan. In addition, Jypsi is also slated to perform at the new Southwest Porch at Bryant Park on August 20th at 7:30pm.

Brought to Nashville by the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement – who produced such luminaries as Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, and many more – the band has honed their sound, style, and stamina by regularly playing six nights a week at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Nashville’s famed Lower Broadway. It was here that the band’s captivating sound and style won over patrons as well as record execs, setting the stage for their eagerly-awaited current single, “Mister Officer.”

At the helm of country music stardom, these siblings—ranging in age from 18-28—are no strangers to the stage. Having grown-up on the road singing, playing, and writing since youngest, Lillie Mae (lead vocals / fiddle) was just three years old, now seasoned performers with youthful energy, older siblings Amber-Dawn (vocals / fiddle), Scarlett (mandolin) and Frank (vocals / guitar) live-up to what Entertainment Weekly called “bluegrass-informed country with rock & roll spirit.”

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch one show, or all eight, when these talented performers take over Manhattan. For additional details on how you can be witness to a country group with a striking sense of fashion and self-expression like none other, please visit

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

7 Reasons Why Sookie should be with Eric vs. Bill

1) The obvious. Eric is way hotter. Duh.
2) Bill is really, really, really pale, even for a vampire.
3) There is something to be said about a guy who tricks you into sucking is blood so you'll be connected. It just proves he really likes you. No games.

4) Eric's body is like stupid hot.
5) There is something so sexy about a guy who is constantly sacrificing himself (at the Fellowship, when he took bullets for Sookie and offering to die with Goddrick). You know he'd probably be a good dad, should they decide to adopt.
6) Eric wants Sookie to be a vampire and who wouldn't want to look young and beautiful forever. It just shows he's thinking about her future.
7) Bill looks really short next to Eric.

BONUS: This reason was from LANALOGGER Amy Olson Goin "Bill needs to deal with his bangs". Ughh. Totes.

Please feel free to post your reasons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life on the D-List (posted by KCo)

Sorry for the hiatus but was in LA for a Project Runway shoot…stay tuned when it launches on Lifetime on August 20th. My shameless plug. It is sure to be an amazing season and haven’t we all suffered enough with the lame attempt at a replacement with The Fashion Show?

Back to Kathy ... two weeks to catch up on but I take it that the Bachelorette finale held you all over. Not to mention the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta…I don’t even know what to say here.

So the first episode was all about Prop 8. It was an atypical Life on the D List and actually quite touching. Kathy has a little visit with Melissa Etheridge to get her take on Prop 8. Melissa encourages Kathy to get out there and speak out for Gay rights so she does.

Her first stop is a Gay Youth Center where she educates teens on the Matthew Sheppard story in order to get them to speak up and feel empowered. I still can’t believe that it ever happened and not that long ago.

Couple of key facts…I had no idea that Prop 8 only passed by 4% and it’s no surprise since the wording of the prop was VERY confusing. Voting yes actually meant you weren’t for gay marriage and voting no actually meant you were in favor of gay marriage. Did I get that right?

After canvassing neighborhoods, Kathy actually changes people’s minds while uncovering that many people were indeed confused. Of course, we all know that California did uphold the ban on same sex marriage but I was so proud of Kathy for making this an issue on the show. Although her audience really doesn’t need much education or convincing.

Next we wrap up as she puts the finishing touches on her book. Plus major bonus , she gets her own wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in Vegas.

Her first stop was a visit to Jackie Collins for some book advice. Jackie actually gives Kathy a little gem by admitting that she slept with John Lennon. Ok why would anyone admit to that on Kathy’s show? Seriously.

The hot English gents from Madame Tussaud’s make a visit to see Kathy to get measurements for her wax figure. This was a little weird as they marked Kathy with all of these little dots? Kathy feels really A list when she finds out the company that she’s in…Nicole Kidman, Jamie Foxx…no Danny Bonaducci does not have a wax figure so there.

So Kathy still needs to pay the bills AND also needs to regain her dwindling fan base in the deep south post the “suck it Jesus” Emmy speech. She agrees to do a commercial for Zaxby’s chicken where she proceeds to eat about 12 dozen wings. Job well done!

Here comes my favorite moment…Kathy is still adamant about getting on Oprah’s Book Club so after a meeting with her book editor she pops on over to the Hearst Tower. If any of you have been over that way, you know that all of the editors are plastered outside of the building so Kathy nuzzles up to the faux Gayle and begs for admittance onto the book club list. This is not the way to go so she resorts to the streets with Team Griffin where she hands out flyers to anyone who knows Gayle and can get the flyer to her. She even tries delivering Gayle’s favorite pizza from Mariella’s. Apparently, it’s suppose to be good and right across the street from Hearst…hmm…next time?

Kathy feeling defeated goes back to see her editor where she runs by chapter titles for her book such as…

  1. Oprah and Ryan Seacrest are conspiring against me
  2. I blew Zack from Zack and Cody
  3. Jeremy Piven raped some chick on Ellen
  4. Britney is a hermaphrodite

Nice. They proceed to tell her that the titles need to be verified so she needs to go back to the drawing board.

In a weird twist, Kathy has a little visit with Salmon Rushdie at a Barnes and Noble. What was this? His Bravo style punishment for cheating on Padma?

And alas we see the unveiling of Kathy’s wax figure…not bad because she is basically a wax figure in real life.

Ok, finale is next week – I’m ready to move on to other things in my dvr…like The Rachel Zoe Project – I die!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts While Getting Fatter At My Dest (by Terry "I'm A Dude" Houston)

Turtle & Pals

Terry & Pals

I am split on entourage this season, I feel it's too happy and fun. I do like how Ari has become a super family man. Nice twist on his character. A few other comments:
Alexis Dziena (E's girlfriend) was in a great movie Broken Flowers (a much better Bill Murray movie then that snoozer Lost in Translation). She is a lot older then she looks. How do I know this? Because in Broken Flowers she looked 14 and had a nude scene. Like so many times in my life I was conflicted. Lana, you don't know how hard guys have it with the evil thoughts that go through our head. So IMDB'ed her and found out she was 21 at the time, ahhhhh a sigh of relief. Point is she looks young but she is 25.
Now to your obsession with Turtle from Entourage. That makes me feel special. Why? When I was young I got stopped for looking like Kevin Arnold/Fred Savage. As I grew up, a few girls tried to flatter me and say I looked like Joey McIntyre from NKOTB (never saw it and I think they were just trying to get my pants). In the last few years (I call them them the boob sweat years), I have been told that I looked like two celebrities. Turtle and Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. I know it's very depressing. I think it's time for me to switch to light beer and stop eating late night cheesteaks. (please reference above pics)
I actually like the Jamie Lynn story line only b/c it makes me feel better about my myself. Is that weird? Like, go ahead call me Turtle, I am f'ing Meadow Soprano bitch, and she bought me a porsche so you can go suck it.

I am bored today.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SIGHTINGS: Hugh Jackman, KingBilly & Richard Marx

KingBilly getting a surprise visit from Richard Marx and Hugh Jackman, while playing last week in Chicago.

Looks like they are about to shoot an ad for Axe, rather than go onstage and perform ... but it's all good.

Eeeks. Richard. What's up with the wife beater?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Best and Worst Dressed, by Michelle Zacks. A Lanalogue reader who has no fashion critic qualifications other than I like clothes and I have opinions


Diane Kruger.
Di Di! This look has easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl written all over it. I think you're a super-stylish chick and I've been noticing that your cool sense of fashion has been going a little unnoticed in the media. Well, you're on my radar now. Which means you are also on the radar of the 3 other people who have read this review. High 5, pimp. XOXO

Bradley Cooper.
Actually, Bradley. You look like a tiny bit of a slob in this picture. But the outfit is cute. And I think you're ridiculously HOT, and The Hangover was my favorite movie of Summer'09. So I'm giving you Best Dressed awards for this week. Good job! I love you. Call me.

Hey Ciara! Wow- this is a really cute look! What are those red shoes you have on there?? They look like a cross between some Tim's and some old school Reebok Freestyles AND they look like they might even be made from something shiny. Score! Plus that heart on your sweater.... girl, you had me at Hello.


Jon Gosselin.
So here's what, Jon Gosselin. Who are you?? I don't think you're even a real celebrity! I've never even seen your "show." All I know about you is you're getting a divorce and you have a bunch of kids (big whoop, buddy--who isn't?). And now this??! This stupid look. You're offending my eyeballs. Please stop being "famous" and please stop wearing Ed Hardy.

Maddox Jolie Pitt.
Maddox- my friend. Let's talk. What's going on here? You need to have a serious talk with Mommy and Daddy. I think they're f-ing with you. Fist of all-- you're wearing a man purse (aka, a murse). Secondly- are you even a real person? 'Cause you look like a wax statue. Cut it out. Thanks, MZ

(you can read more about my thoughts on fashion on my blog here:, or on my other blog here: