Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3 SHOWS That Are AWESOME This Week

LANALOGGER Amy DalMaso told me it was so good, that she watched last week's premiere twice in one sitting. I thought to myself "Self ... what could they possibly do that hasn't already been done to stereotype Italians and "shock" the nation 100 times before?" In comes 175 drunk Italian morons - who I really don't think were overacting - at a gaudy baptism (Bravo made sure to have 47 close up shots of the crystal cross). My two favorite moments of that episode:
1. Teresa's drunken brother scream/crying "I'm your son" in both English and Italian.
2. Teresa leaving her kids to fend for themselves for an hour in mass chaos. Thank god for those massive hot pink bows - because otherwise, they never would have been located.

I haven't watch this week's episode yet - but I heard that Andy Cohen is the best part.

Watch the 6th episode on regular TV and if a flash of Roz's bush isn't enough for you - download the HBO Go app on your iPad/iPhone and watch ep 7.

American Idol

What in the name of hell happened this season? Scotty .... I get. Country fans will take anyone out - but Lauren Alaina? She's cute - but really people? Whatshername sang Zepplin last week for crissakes! (Although ... Maybe the fact that I can't remember whatshername's name means she shouldn't have made it).

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