Thursday, January 22, 2009

How I Met Your Mother (posted by Chris)

This is a bad show. So why do I continue to run into people who think this show isn't just funny, but hilarious? I feel like I'm actually losing my mind. Like I'm living in a world where "Cops" just went off the air or Brett Michaels stopped saying "awesome."The first time I watched, it took five minutes for me to realize it was bad. But upon hearing again and again how funny it was I decided, maybe I just caught a bad five minutes? So I decided to give it an entire episode. The thing I found funny this time is that I couldn't even make it through an entire episode. Lana had to remind me that I promised to give it an entire episode when I went to leave the room. Three quarters of the way through I concluded that even if it magically turned into Seinfeld it would still be mediocre. Predictable jokes, dumb romantic insights, canned laughter, even bad wardrobe. And remind you, the fact that I even noticed wardrobe means I was so disinterested by the going's on that I actually noticed wardrobe. Look, I'm not going to start hating on anybody who likes this show, because I'd probably rather watch 'Friday Night Lights' than any other real, non-Giants football game. But as the certified expert on all things funny I have to say that this mystery can now be filed right next to the multi-year run 'Arliss' had on HBO.