Thursday, September 10, 2009

LA Candy Review

While my friends are reading things like "The Help", "The Girl Who Played With Fire" and "Eat, Pray, Piss", I am reading Lauren Conrad's book LA Candy. I asked the woman in the book store for it and she plucked right it out of the teen section. Yay Me. You know what's worse then reading LA Candy? Quoting/referring to it. I have been quoting/referring it all week and acting like it's my own knowledge. For example:

  • In LA Candy one of the actresses on "LA Candy" (the reality show that is supposed to be The Hills on MTV - but since it's a novel, that trickster LC cleverly changed the names to LA Candy on PopTV) traded info on the other stars on the show for more press about herseld to the editor of "Gossip" Magazine. I told a LANALOGGER this week, that one of the tabloids does this regularly to get their information. I passed it off as insider info, but really I read it in LA Candy.

  • Someone at work this week was looking for a cool movie theater to do an event at in LA and I blurted out the Arclight Theater. Is it even a real place? I don't know, but in LA Candy they talked about it as the movie theater to go to in LA - so I threw it out there as a suggestion. I got some approving nods.

  • In LA Candy the dialogue consists of words like "WTF", "TMI" and "Kay". I started responding to all my emails with "Kay" instead of "Sounds good." or "Okay" because it just seemed easier and I'm sure people thought I was a little cooler for it.

So if you get a chance, read LA Candy. Like OMG, if you don't, you'll be like WTF and won't LOL! KAY?

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