Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KCo's Corner (posted by KCo - duh)

This was suppose to be the episode that we were all waiting for…the previews of Rachael getting slammed by the press for being so thin. It turned out to be a bit of a nothing. There was a piece in The Post that called her the “pin thin” stylist. Ok big deal, she is. I’m surprised it wasn’t worse than that. However, Zoe is so devastated by it that a shopping trip ensues - of course. "Manly" Roger gets involved and insists that she hire a web consultant to help combat all of the negative online press.
We then find out that Marie Claire magazine wants to do an article on Zoe where she is styled and no one piece is over $250. That’s a challenge? Piece of cake (although, it probably was a challenge for her since I’m sure she’s never stepped foot in Forever 21 or H&M). Have no fear ... that’s where Brad came in to save the day. For once she didn’t look like Ms. Havisham. Zoe is clearly uncomfortable in front of the camera, so her team of gay stylists and Brad help loosen her up. Brad puts on a wig and pretends he is Taylor which is perfect!
Back at the ranch, Taylor is slaving away and complaining that she now doesn’t want to go to the launch party for friends Byron Williams and Tracey Cunningham’s new salon – Byron & Tracey. Brad tells her that’s why he calls her Baylor.
So off to the next episode – I know I’m behind – getting ready for the Golden Globes where she has to dress 5 people ( Debra Messing, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes). Will she do it?
It isn’t looking good when she tells us that she isn’t dying over anything and is getting worried. But we are relieved when she clarifies to the hoi poloi that award shows are not about fashion but rather pleasing us masses. Because “every dress has a home and I like to give it a home”. Genuis.
Cut to that ridiculous Bing! Interstitial with Zoe and Roger ordering sushi from Sushi Roku. We need to mix it up Bravo.
Then we follow Taylor who has finally brushed her hair after 4 episodes while she schleps around Beverly Hills going in and out of jewelry stores for various celebs.
We are nearing on a dress for Cameron but Zoe doesn’t like the sleeve. The masses won’t understand it so she needs to ask Karl Lagerfeld to alter it. Ok that’s scary. But he does and it’s a winner.
Drama at Eva’s house as she has a spot on her white dress but Taylor saves the day and all is well in Hollywood as Karl Lagerfeld has sent Zoe a letter on Cameron’s dress alteration and how proud he was of Cameron’s momentl

Flipping Out
Jenni is trying to work it while she’s at work and Jeff isn’t having it. Her 4 inch heels aren’t appropriate for the work site. This isn’t Melrose Place and you aren’t Amanda Woodward. If she doesn’t shape up, he will institute a dress code and she won’t like that. So to prove his point further he sends her up a ladder on a roof in 4 inch heels. This was just about the scariest thing I have ever seen on Bravo. Jenni stands firm on her position and tells us that no lesson was learned today – fashion comes first.
Jeff is dealing with a client that just isn’t paying him so in the middle of a showdown he starts to feel a little queasy and feverish. Uh oh ... this doesn’t look good he crawls into bed and we discover that Zoila apparently tried to give Jeff food poisoning by serving him several month old bacon - and boy did she bring him down. She wraps a cold washcloth on his head and secures it with duct tape…priceless.
In his compromised state, Jeff realize that he needs Jenni to do his dirty work and get their client to pay or else shut down the work site.
Jenni shuts it down and more drama for Jeff as the client goes off on Jeff after he tells her that she is having princess problems.

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