Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Lost Boys with R & R

“Trust me, God’s got nothing to do with it.”

-James “Sawyer” Ford

Sawyer episode! The Stylish Southern with droopy shoulders and puppy dog eyes returns! In the OG timeline, Sawyer is rollin’ with Locke, and in the new alternately alternate timeline Sawyer is an officer of the law! This episode was kinda like the Kate episode from earlier this season, where in it nothing much moves the mythology narrative, but it paints an exquisite character picture. And unlike the Kate episode, this one didn’t suck. Instead of becoming a conman, James Ford became a cop. In the OG timeline, Sawyer is told by UnLocke to sail across sometimes-there-and-sometimes-not bay to the other island. There he finds a lady named Zoe and a whole bunch of dead bodies. In the New timeline, Sawyer is a cop still harboring issues with the murder-suicide of his folks and the man who conned and caused it all.

Ryan likes to call the alternate timeline the ‘What If?’ timeline. Like what if Sawyer were a cop? Crazy. So Sawyer still went to Australia. Did he still kill that guy? Probably not. He totally bangs Charlotte in this episode! Charlotte finds Ford’s Sawyer file and he flips his lid. No wonder Sawyer and Jack never got along, they are both battling daddy demons.

Back in the original gangsta timeline, Kate says hi to Sayid, Sayid is not himself. Then, all of the sudden, Claire attacks Kate with a knife. The two struggle in a female death grip, while Sayid sits there doing nothing, and then UnLocke throws Claire off of Kate. Claire starts to whig out and then UnLocke slaps the sh*t outta her. What if Locke slapped Claire? Awesomeness to the max.

Did anyone notice that Sawyer’s hair is shorter? Did anyone notice Charlie’s brother is in the precinct looking about for word on Charlie? In this new life, Charlie is the addict and his bro may be the narrow one, the sober one. Sawyer blows it with Charlotte. Good! They aren’t meant for each other.

Back on the Island, UnLocke talks some shizzle on the beach with Kate. It isn’t until he mentions Aaron that he has our attention. Meanwhile, Sawyer is having a sit-down with Charles Widmore. This is a great counter scene to Kate’s convo with UnLocke, the banter between characters that we never expected to meet. But we still don’t know what Charles Wdimore, the mysterious mogul wants, or whether he is inherently good or evil. Ruben just got done reading Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. Ruben laughs differently now. And then the episode ends with James Ford apprehending Kate in the new timeline. We keep thinking that Kate will die soon. But how? We think she will try to kill UnLocke and she will die by his hand. Speaking of which, we keep wondering when we will find out UnLocke’s/MiB’s real name. We hope it is cool and not something boring like Scott or Glenn.


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