Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SIGHTINGS FROM LANALOGGERS - Tara from The Biggest Loser

Traci Calabrese writes

"I saw Tara from the biggest loser, like last season or something. not sure if you watch, but she should have won.  But at the last episode this really annoying old hag won.  Anyhow I saw her at LAX and snuck a secret photo of her in the security line, which I probably could have been arrested for taking photos in the security line, however, I deemed it necessary.  I've attached that photo and her biggest loser before and after promo photo.  As you can see she has kept the weight off, although perhaps gained a bit back, not much tho.  She was carrying a bag with 3 apples and some granola in it.  I would imagine she has to to keep her image up.  Later on I saw her at chilis, I was drinking a vodka soda, as my flight was delayed, and she was annoyingly ordering food with no oil and no this or that.  In any case, I couldn't contain myself and had to tell her she should have won.  she smiled and said thanks.  I realize it is not brad pitt, but figured all those biggest loser fans out there would appreciate to know she still thin."

I was hoping that Chili's story was going to go another way.

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