Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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The Rachael Zoe Project

I have to admit that she’s growing on me. She’s weakened me because I’ve realized that I could really use her right now since I have no idea what to wear and can’t remember what I wore this time last year. So I’d like Rachael to pop into my closet and help sort things out. If not Rachael then can I at least wish for California Closets so I can see what I own? Is that too much to ask?
Last weeks episode, we go with Rachael to a Piperlime shoot. I have to say I didn’t know they had clothes so I got a bit distracted and decided to online shop with watching. Cute stuff!

Rachael also is working with Ashton on a webisode called Blah Girls, an animated series. She is charged with styling the Blah Girls for their prom. It’s really cute and Rachael is filmed live action style talking to the Blah Girls on a green screen. The Ashton guest appearance was the best part of this show since he’s on my “list”. Why do I still love him? He really is famous for nothing other than marrying Demi Moore. And I love how he and Demi call Rachael to thank her for her work on Blah Girls which turns into a conversation on how much they love the Real Housewives of Atlanta. How cute!
The episode ends with Rachael doubled over in pain and heads to bed sick. It’s too bad that Taylor had been circling her all day to have a conversation about her
career. She looks like she’s actually about to have the conversation when Zoe bursts out that Taylor is her precious jewel and that if Zoe had children that she would leave them to Taylor if she died. Ok that was upbeat and Taylor would be the last person she should leave a child filled with hope with. How old is Zoe? I think her baby days are over.
With this past week's eppy we have one more episode until the season finale and I think I’m ready. I’ve had enough. The only thing that I’m holding onto is the latest storyline where were suppose to believe that she is deathly ill. I was more worried that she might be pregnant since she is the world’s oldest thirty something year old. But no not pregnant and not on death watch but she has f’in vertigo. Really? Isn’t that a made up disease? Bravo couldn’t come up with something better than that?

I really enjoyed watching Rachel pulled together what looked like an amazing auction supporting Ovarian Cancer. Her jewelry collection is bananas! Unbelievable…
Lastly what’s up with Brad and Taylor …not much except a passive aggressive fight about who goes to Paris Fashion Week. Taylor really doesn’t want to go anyways since she is a shut in and Brad has to go since it’s his gay boy dream. Brad wins since Rachel who hates confrontation makes Taylor make the decision and she decides to let Brad go – I’m sure she won’t hold that over his head.

Flipping Out

I love how immature Jeff is. When faced with two paint colors, he simply can’t keep it together especially with a name like Pearl Necklace.
Ryan is acting really strange and its putting a wedge in their relationship. So Jeff decides to spend time with Chloe (Ryan’s daughter) by taking her out to lunch. He may be in the running with Taylor for the worst guardian. After all , he taught Chloe lots of questionable tricks like answering “What’s your favorite drink?” with “Chardonnay” – she’s only two people (it is funny). He also taught her to lift up her shirt and yell “Girls Gone Wild”.
Then in a weird moment of deep thoughts, Jeff actually admits why he feels a special connection to Chloe. Basically if he hadn’t messed up his relationship with Ryan – Chloe could have been his?
Jeff’s intern, Trace, comes to work in very short shorts which is highly disturbing to Jeff. Jeff sends him home because he didn’t want to see the outline of his dick all day. NICE! Or he could send Trace to West Hollywood to run errands all day.
The biggest shocker comes when Jeff decides to snoop around on Ryan and discovers that Ryan is buying Jeff’s name on Google Search to capitalize on Jeff’s fame. Totally sketch. More to come next week when we witness the big smackdown.
As much as I love Jeff Lewis and those luscious lips, truly nothing happened in this past week's episode (and not the nothing in early Seinfeld episodes I mean truly nothing). Ryan decides to move to Santa Barbara – big whoop! Then Jeff confronts Ryan about all of the things he’s discovered about his sketchy ways. Really?

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