Monday, August 3, 2009

Best and Worst Dressed, by Michelle Zacks. A Lanalogue reader who has no fashion critic qualifications other than I like clothes and I have opinions


Diane Kruger.
Di Di! This look has easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl written all over it. I think you're a super-stylish chick and I've been noticing that your cool sense of fashion has been going a little unnoticed in the media. Well, you're on my radar now. Which means you are also on the radar of the 3 other people who have read this review. High 5, pimp. XOXO

Bradley Cooper.
Actually, Bradley. You look like a tiny bit of a slob in this picture. But the outfit is cute. And I think you're ridiculously HOT, and The Hangover was my favorite movie of Summer'09. So I'm giving you Best Dressed awards for this week. Good job! I love you. Call me.

Hey Ciara! Wow- this is a really cute look! What are those red shoes you have on there?? They look like a cross between some Tim's and some old school Reebok Freestyles AND they look like they might even be made from something shiny. Score! Plus that heart on your sweater.... girl, you had me at Hello.


Jon Gosselin.
So here's what, Jon Gosselin. Who are you?? I don't think you're even a real celebrity! I've never even seen your "show." All I know about you is you're getting a divorce and you have a bunch of kids (big whoop, buddy--who isn't?). And now this??! This stupid look. You're offending my eyeballs. Please stop being "famous" and please stop wearing Ed Hardy.

Maddox Jolie Pitt.
Maddox- my friend. Let's talk. What's going on here? You need to have a serious talk with Mommy and Daddy. I think they're f-ing with you. Fist of all-- you're wearing a man purse (aka, a murse). Secondly- are you even a real person? 'Cause you look like a wax statue. Cut it out. Thanks, MZ

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