Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts While Getting Fatter At My Dest (by Terry "I'm A Dude" Houston)

Turtle & Pals

Terry & Pals

I am split on entourage this season, I feel it's too happy and fun. I do like how Ari has become a super family man. Nice twist on his character. A few other comments:
Alexis Dziena (E's girlfriend) was in a great movie Broken Flowers (a much better Bill Murray movie then that snoozer Lost in Translation). She is a lot older then she looks. How do I know this? Because in Broken Flowers she looked 14 and had a nude scene. Like so many times in my life I was conflicted. Lana, you don't know how hard guys have it with the evil thoughts that go through our head. So IMDB'ed her and found out she was 21 at the time, ahhhhh a sigh of relief. Point is she looks young but she is 25.
Now to your obsession with Turtle from Entourage. That makes me feel special. Why? When I was young I got stopped for looking like Kevin Arnold/Fred Savage. As I grew up, a few girls tried to flatter me and say I looked like Joey McIntyre from NKOTB (never saw it and I think they were just trying to get my pants). In the last few years (I call them them the boob sweat years), I have been told that I looked like two celebrities. Turtle and Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. I know it's very depressing. I think it's time for me to switch to light beer and stop eating late night cheesteaks. (please reference above pics)
I actually like the Jamie Lynn story line only b/c it makes me feel better about my myself. Is that weird? Like, go ahead call me Turtle, I am f'ing Meadow Soprano bitch, and she bought me a porsche so you can go suck it.

I am bored today.