Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Flipping Out

I love Kathy Griffin but I am ready to move on to more neurotic pastures with the premiere of Flipping Out!!! Oh I missed you Jeff Lewis, Jenny and Zoila. He makes all the neurotic people in my life look relaxed...myself included.
For those of you who missed last season, Jeff is a house flipper who often flips out when things don't go his way. He has a housekeeper, Zoila and an assistant Jenny who has a baby voice and got divorced last season from a moron who Jeff fired last season for slacking off and rumaging through his stuff. How did Jeff know this? Oh because any sane person who put in security cameras to watch their staff, right? I will get more dirt on Jenny as one of my friends is actually an acquaintance/friend of hers. I need more on this woman because I can't imagine working for Jeff Lewis or being married to that total jerk off ex-husband of hers. Jeff's best days are when his cabinets are neatly organized. Man he gets of on neatly arranged Evian bottles. He actually took the time to pull Zoila into the cabinets to see what assistant #2 had accomplished.
Obviously with the recession, house flipping isn't really going all that well so Jeff is forced to go into decorating and home improvements. Jeff is actually living now in one of the houses that he was trying to flip. So Jeff is now not his own boss but is forced to work for someone else...hmmm. It must be killing him that he now needs to drive to the Valley to listen to some idiot housewife tell him what she wants to do. He has also apparently spent the past 10 months being Jenny's therapist as she finalizes her divorce. He even has been retooling her gaydar by informing her that straight men don't ask women out for salads.
I really could of used Jeff Lewis' advice as my gaydar was severely malfunctioning in 2000. I was dating a guy who used Estee Lauder moisturizer and had a pair of leather pants in his closet and that wasn't enough to send me a strong message:) Anyway... Jeff's brother, Todd is marrying Jeff's real estate agent, Kerri. His brother Todd is a total guys guy. I wonder what he thinks of Jeff. Apparently Kerri was a runaway bride the first time. Jeff is becoming a bridezilla himself. He's VERY involved in the wedding of course.
I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us all...until next week.

The Rachel Zoe Project

I just can't believe that someone actually is stressed out over finding the perfect dress for a vapid celebrity...and it is considered a job. Sorry if anyone out there is a stylist - but honestly, seriously - shopping? come on. But alas...someone really does worry about this nonsense and that woman is Rachel Zoe. And we are lucky that Bravo has decided to air this train wreck for all to see.
More than anything I'd like to know how old this woman really is because if I had her money, connections and access i would certainly not have that prune face and sickly body. Someone needs to style her face. Wow, that was a lot of anger. But I think she is a joke. A joke that i love watching. I especially love her assistants...I really do have a soft spot for Brad. I actually stalked him last year at the Project Runway Finale...and since he is so sweet he actually spoke to me! Of course he would. But Taylor or Tay as Rachel calls her is almost of disgusting and vapid as Rachel with her bad attitude and extremely dried out hair. She is in need of a Vo5 deep conditioning treatement asap.
We kick off this season with Team Zoe out to find the perfect dress(es) for the Golden Globes. Cut to shopping scenes on Rodeo Drive and calls to various designers - boring. And once we find the dress(es) then they cut out the good stuff like seeing Team Zoe squeeze celebrities into their gowns while using catch phrase - "I die". It's a good thing. Major drama moment when Eva Mendes calls Tay because -pause- she has a stain on her dress. The world stops and Tay comes to the rescue to assure Eva that it is the size of a pin head and tucked behind a more victory for Team Zoe.
This season is filled with all types of drama as Tay wonders if she should branch out on her own, Rachel deals with the press and her eating disorder rumors ( oh i'm there for that one) and I would like closure on Rachel's marriage to Roger who I have to imagine is gay, right? Nothing wrong with that but that wouldn't work in my marriage.

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