Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Isn't Anyone Writing About My Life on the D-List (posted by KCo)

Sorry for the hiatus but was in LA for a Project Runway shoot…stay tuned when it launches on Lifetime on August 20th. My shameless plug. It is sure to be an amazing season and haven’t we all suffered enough with the lame attempt at a replacement with The Fashion Show?

Back to Kathy ... two weeks to catch up on but I take it that the Bachelorette finale held you all over. Not to mention the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta…I don’t even know what to say here.

So the first episode was all about Prop 8. It was an atypical Life on the D List and actually quite touching. Kathy has a little visit with Melissa Etheridge to get her take on Prop 8. Melissa encourages Kathy to get out there and speak out for Gay rights so she does.

Her first stop is a Gay Youth Center where she educates teens on the Matthew Sheppard story in order to get them to speak up and feel empowered. I still can’t believe that it ever happened and not that long ago.

Couple of key facts…I had no idea that Prop 8 only passed by 4% and it’s no surprise since the wording of the prop was VERY confusing. Voting yes actually meant you weren’t for gay marriage and voting no actually meant you were in favor of gay marriage. Did I get that right?

After canvassing neighborhoods, Kathy actually changes people’s minds while uncovering that many people were indeed confused. Of course, we all know that California did uphold the ban on same sex marriage but I was so proud of Kathy for making this an issue on the show. Although her audience really doesn’t need much education or convincing.

Next we wrap up as she puts the finishing touches on her book. Plus major bonus , she gets her own wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in Vegas.

Her first stop was a visit to Jackie Collins for some book advice. Jackie actually gives Kathy a little gem by admitting that she slept with John Lennon. Ok why would anyone admit to that on Kathy’s show? Seriously.

The hot English gents from Madame Tussaud’s make a visit to see Kathy to get measurements for her wax figure. This was a little weird as they marked Kathy with all of these little dots? Kathy feels really A list when she finds out the company that she’s in…Nicole Kidman, Jamie Foxx…no Danny Bonaducci does not have a wax figure so there.

So Kathy still needs to pay the bills AND also needs to regain her dwindling fan base in the deep south post the “suck it Jesus” Emmy speech. She agrees to do a commercial for Zaxby’s chicken where she proceeds to eat about 12 dozen wings. Job well done!

Here comes my favorite moment…Kathy is still adamant about getting on Oprah’s Book Club so after a meeting with her book editor she pops on over to the Hearst Tower. If any of you have been over that way, you know that all of the editors are plastered outside of the building so Kathy nuzzles up to the faux Gayle and begs for admittance onto the book club list. This is not the way to go so she resorts to the streets with Team Griffin where she hands out flyers to anyone who knows Gayle and can get the flyer to her. She even tries delivering Gayle’s favorite pizza from Mariella’s. Apparently, it’s suppose to be good and right across the street from Hearst…hmm…next time?

Kathy feeling defeated goes back to see her editor where she runs by chapter titles for her book such as…

  1. Oprah and Ryan Seacrest are conspiring against me
  2. I blew Zack from Zack and Cody
  3. Jeremy Piven raped some chick on Ellen
  4. Britney is a hermaphrodite

Nice. They proceed to tell her that the titles need to be verified so she needs to go back to the drawing board.

In a weird twist, Kathy has a little visit with Salmon Rushdie at a Barnes and Noble. What was this? His Bravo style punishment for cheating on Padma?

And alas we see the unveiling of Kathy’s wax figure…not bad because she is basically a wax figure in real life.

Ok, finale is next week – I’m ready to move on to other things in my dvr…like The Rachel Zoe Project – I die!!!!!!!!!!