Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Dumbest Celeb Monday Tweets (and it Ain't Even 9:30AM)

Lisa VeronicaLisa_Veronica Sooo.... I just had a ghost experience in my hotel suite.. Thank goodness we are leaving!!!! Freaked.out.

(Hey Lisa! I know who you should call.)

LizzieGrubman Good morning!

(There's something about her pic, combined with that tweet ...)

AhmetZappa Sunday was a jam packed fun filled movie day and boy oh boy did I get a lot of mega cute dog kisses. I'm sorry that monday is here again.
(and we're sorry you're tweeting)

Paris Hilton ParisHilton Going to bed. Tweet dreams Everyone! xoxo Paris

(Another clever catchphrase from Paris)

iamdiddy Every party was sold out this weekend thanks to you Guys! I love you Atl! Dirty money loves you!Till next time!

(Well, now that I know Dirty Money loves me ... I can get on with my Monday)

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