Tuesday, October 20, 2009

KCo's Corner (by KCo)

The Rachael Zoe Project

We are in Paris with everyone on Team Zoe except Taylor? I mean why couldn’t Taylor have gone. Rachael brought her hair guy, her assistant, Brad, hell even Rodger went. But I suppose he had to leave Taylor in case there is a fashion emergency in LA. I mean all anyone has to do is walk into a Koo Koo Roo to find some aging actress in sweatpants and UGGS. Now that’s a real fashion emergency.I mean leaving Taylor certainly wasn’t a cost cutting measure since everyone is staying in the George V.

So we see Brad fulfilling his dreams by going to virtually every fashion show in Paris – Ungaro, McCartney, Galliano, Chanel…meanwhile Rodger is out sightseeing with the hair guy. How romantic.

Brad isn’t the only one on Team Zoe with a fashion make a wish moment. Rachael gets a private tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment. A beyond out of control moment.

And what does Taylor get for staying home? A Hermes bracelet….I’m not sure that will suffice but its better when I get left home from a business tripJ I just get everybody else’s work.

Ok so now we are caught up and ready for the Zoe finale…so exciting!

We kick it off with Brad in short shorts…not a good look on anyone I’ve determined.

Rachael gets a job with V Magazine styling a Xanadu shoot. Of course, Brad find much of what he needs for this 80’s moment in American Apparel.

Taylor is still pissed from the Paris incident and is at her breaking point. She finally confronts Rachael after complaining to mommy and daddy….god her mother is really freakish with a totally age inappropriate outfit and hairstyle…

Rachael seems ready to let Taylor go but her vertigo gets the best of her and she decides that she needs help. So Rodger becomes the new boss and Taylor finally gets her promotion to the Head of Product Development for Rachael Zoe Inc.

Totally anti-climatic…..

Flipping Out

Ok if you haven’t seen Jenni’s rap on Watch What Happens Live you need to check it out…she’s hilarious. And as Jeff says “if you entertain me, that’s job security”. And Jenni sure does that especially in this episode as we are introduced to her alter ego and Jeff’s favorite employee, Deb.

Jenni channels Deb when it’s time to get tough. Deb is basically a tough talking lonely lesbian. Deb scares the shit out of people and is a total straight shooter. She gets the contractors on track and the bills paid.

Jeff employs one of two tactics when times get tough 1) Deb 2) The Smock. Deb is reserved for those outside the office and The Smock is used for bad behavior in the office. So Jeff’s new assistant has to wear The Smock after she takes the company credit card and forgets to give it back to Jeff. The Smock looks like a hazmat suit that white gauzy shapeless bodysuit. So she’s forced to wear it all day at Starbuck’s and the job sites. Sexy.

So this past week’s episode was a bit different than usual. Jeff is finishing up Chazz’s salon and he ends up having to deal with the homeless woman who has been living outside of the building for over a decade. In Jeff’s usually callous style, he is convinced that she is defacating outside and wants to move her to a shelter asap. Ok he’s probably right but there’s a story about her – her name is Spirit and Chazz is very attached and protective about her. But Jeff tells us that he only has three fears in life – 1) Drag Queens 2) Clowns and 3) Homeless people.

And poor Zoila…Jeff thinks that she is slacking so what does Jeff do? He buys a Roomba. Zoila is devastated by this and to make matters worse Jett makes a joke about the Roomba replacing her. Zoila starts to cry and is really upset. But in the end Jeff defends her and gets rid of the Roomba mostly because the dogs were freaked out as well.

And then to make matters more depressing…we find out that Spirit died in the middle of the night. Spirits passing makes Jeff realize that life is short and precious so he ends up calling Ryan.

Season finale on Tuesday so we will see if they make amends…

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