Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Advice to Christian Siriano

I recently met Christian Sirano, last year's winner from Project Runway. I figured he would welcome a little unsolicited advice (because everyone loves that every once in a while):

1) Be nice. You have been famous for a hot minute and people who don't watch Project Runway, don't know you (and even people who do, can't remember who won from seasons 1-4).
2) Get a new haircut. That Kate Gosselin look you are rollin' with has gots-to-go.
3) Don't ever do that pose again. Ever.

That's it. Bye.


  1. lol but if you hate him so much why did you go wait in a line and meet him? you look pretty happy in that pic. kinda stupid?

  2. Christians that guy you just can't help but like, even if you claim to hate him and he's insulting. He's original and authentic.