Wednesday, July 29, 2009


LANALOGGER Marissa Herbert writes

I was at Noho Star downtown on Sat. afternoon and I look up, and he walked in! I started to freak out hoping Ed Westwick was meeting him for lunch, but instead it was some dude with white hair in running clothes. And he brought Chace a power drill...kind of weird. They had like a quick 20 min lunch and left. And yes, he is just as pretty in person, if not prettier. Seriously ridiculously good-looking."

Are you sure you weren't watching an episode of Gossip Girl? You know, the one where Nate wants to surprise Blair and hang a picture of himself in her room. Except he never owned a power drill, so he had to borrow one from the wise man with white hair who taught him that hard work is good for the soul.