Monday, June 15, 2009

7 Reasons Why I Loved The Hangover (without giving anything away and if you haven't seen it, these reasons will make you want to).

  1. Vegas. I heart Vegas. Always have, always will. This movie made me want to dump the twins off with Chris and head there tomorrow.
  2. Roofies. When was the last time you heard someone talk about Roofies? Roofies were the craze when I was growing up "Don't leave your cup anywhere, you'll get Roofied." "I can't remember hooking up with 7 guys because I was Roofied." "He is so hot, I am totally going to Roofie him tonight." ANYWAY - I haven't heard about much Roofies lately (being so hip to the club scene and all), so I am so pumped that they brought it back.
  3. Credits. They were better than I could have even dreamed imaginable.
  4. T-Shirt. My dad has the same Urban Outfitters t-shirt as the dude with beard.
  5. Mike Tyson. A speaking part.
  6. Bradley Cooper. No need to elaborate.
  7. Wasted. In the true spirit of Vegas, I was wasted watching it and even passed out a little. Maybe Chris Roofied me? ... YAY!