Monday, June 29, 2009

Did You Steal Leonardo's Sneakers?

Get this. Leonardo DiCarprio goes into a temple in Kyoto, Japan last week and leaves his sneakers outside. Prior to going in, fans asked for his picture and he declined. According to reports the fans felt slighted and ran off with his kicks. He had to leave barefoot.
The questions is: Even if he had taken the picture, would the crazy fans have run off with the sneakers anyway? Would you lift sneakers that were DiCaprio's so you could smell his sweat? It would be kind of a cool conversation piece at parties, don't you think?
"Hey guys, these are Leonardo's sneakers, I stole them when he went into a temple in Japan. Want to smell?"
Then everyone would pass them around. A little weird and random, but an interesting story, none the less.

No. It wasn't me.