Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dave Matthews Band: Hartford, CT

About a month ago I went to the DMB concert and wrote how at every concert you could be sure of seeing:

  1. A drunk young couple fighting in the hallway.
  2. A drunk young couple making out next to you.
  3. A drunk college/high school kid passed out next you.

LANALOGGER Anne Toal saw Dave in Hartford this weekend and sends us the below pics. She writes

"See blond woman head down in row E. Who passes out in the 5th row?!?! Waste! She was passed out for most of the show her husband didn't pay much attention to her. She was at least 50 yrs old ( that's prob being kind) - so there goes your idea that DMB is only for the kids....."

Where was this concert at the Cougar Club? Everyone in the audience looks about 40, trying to dress 23 back in 1996. Dave on the other hand, oddly enough never seems to age.