Friday, June 5, 2009



Dear Lana:

The reason that I'm writing in - my friend, Terrance Dolan Houston. I feel the need to tell him to stop. Stop the madness. Stop writing in to this publication. Most importantly, stop the schoolboy crushes on . . . schoolboys that he appears to have developed. The man has a wife and a daughter - what will lil' Fiona think when she reads these things (because, oh yes - I will be sending them to her) a
nd sees that her big (short), strong daddy thinks it's boner time every time "Riggo" hits the screen on FNL? When she reads that he sweats 38 year old Mark from the Duel for his chiseled physique and formerly inexplicably tall hair? I just started getting The LANALOGUE a while ago and literally crapped myself when I saw Terry Houston quoted for his Riggins man-love. It was awesome - but not as awesome as when he was quoted AGAIN re: the Duel. I hope that this plea doesn't fall upon deaf ears - please refuse to post any and all emails from Terry Houston before he outs himself as the little girl that he is any more. Do it for Fiona. You might ask how I am familiar with the things that I a presently chastising Terry for. Don't - it's not important. Instead, focus on what is (super) important and that is me.

Save Terry '09

- Jon (not the Jon who the Lost dudes rolled a few weeks back) Baumstark

SHOULD Terry be saved? Can Terry continue to write into the LANALOGUE, admire Mark and Riggo and retain his street cred amongst his boys? We hope so, because we love Terry and is ambiguous comments. We feel that he is a symbol for men everywhere who love pop culture. What do you think? SHOULD HE BE SAVED??? Take the poll. Also, feel free to email comments to

This is Terry (far right) with the cast of It's Always Sunny. This should help him regain street cred. Maybe?