Thursday, June 4, 2009

SIGHTINGS - Manhattan Polo Classic

Last weekend, a couple of Anonynous LANALOGGERS went to the 2nd Annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Governor's Island.
Thanks to them, The LANALOGUE has the best pictures that we've ever had.
Dana - great photography.
Ladies - great stalking.

Julianne Moore (we're actually not a 100% sure it's her) talking to someone with a pretty sweet red hair extension.

Prince Harry and a lady who's back looks like an ass.

The Prince with the token drunk guy from London. No offense to London.

Drunk guy pretends to like little kids for the benefit of the Prince.

"Beat it lady!" screams the drunk guy. His true colors come out and startle Prince Harry.

Prince Harry is too polite to say anything, so he joins him in some brandy. Cheers!

Since when are rappers into Polo?

I swear it's Kate Hudson with brown hair talking to that cool, but totally random dude with a turban.

LL is over Polo after a couple of minutes.

"I have to get the f&ck away from that drunk gentleman. Cherrio!"

Kate Hudson and some dude that's probably a lot cooler than ARod.

Hi Kate's t&t. Nice to meet you.

My t*t says hello to you too, sir.

Madonna gets her dates mixed up with the MTV Movie Awards.

Yowza. How old is Madonna's neck?

Now pretend that you like me and I speak to you other than when we are out in public.

Who's holding this kid? Did Madonna hire a levatator for when her creepy arms get tired?

The Prince and a stereotypical Euro show how many girls they will each sleep with in about an hour.

Here's the first.

She wishes chaps.

Well, maybe after that bottle.