Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate: The Duh Factor

They are getting divorced. DUH. Like we didn't see it coming. So why is it such a big deal? Everyone cares. After Monday night, Twitter and Facebook statuses were all about Jon & Kate. Why aren't people just saying DUH and moving on? DUH.

The 5 "DUH" Factors Regarding Jon & Kate Plus 8

1) The highest divorce rate in our country are of parents with twins (LANALOGGER Julie Ginsburg pleasantly informed me of that (unsolicited) when I had mine. I can't even imagine what it would be like with 8. DUH.
2) These people had a certain set of beliefs and decided not to reduce. Whether you agree with the, or not, it's their choice. Now they have to support these kids, any way they can. I think I may be doing the same thing if I had 8. With that said, having cameras monitoring your every move is stressful on your relationship. DUH.
3) Jon & Kate got together before they were famous - when there were no other options. The first person to name one someone famous in Hollywood that stayed with the person they were with before they became famous - I'll give you the book "Twilight: The Director's Notebook". DUH.
4) Jon is kind of a slacker (and sick whiner) and if I was Kate, I would want to trade up too. DUH.
5) Kate has a reverse mullet so I see Jon's point of view. DUH.

BONUS: They are on a reality show that needs ratings. That needs a change. Would you have continued to watch if everything was awesome? Aaaaand .... DUH.

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