Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Things I Hated About The Last Episode of The C(sh)ity

1) Olivia calling Champagne - Champy
2) Olivia having a giant closet in her entry-way/kitchen
3) Erin's fake old boyfriend, who is fake trying to get back together with her, so they can have some fake drama
4) Erin's old boyfriend bartending at Brother Jimmy's (wait, I love that).
5) Whitney and Erin's "other" annoying friend who adds nothing
6) Jay's band's music
7) Jay claiming to notice that Whitney wasn't there before starting to perform in front of a bar filled with people
8) Olivia named her dog "Mr. Butler."
9) Olivia and Whitney's so called fight in the office, which really consisted of a couple of snaps by Olivia and swivel chair by Whitney
10) Olivia

An Anonymous LANALOGGER told me the other day that she is friends with Olivia.  Please tell me she is not like this in real life or I may have to take you off The LANALOGUE for being friends with her.