Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)

“Building 26”
Psycho killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better than the average Heroes episode. Although likely undetected by the casual non-loser community, I found “Building 26” to be constructed very differently than any previous Heroes episode, ever. I would classify this as a “Heroes episode for dummies”, and ironically it turned out to be pretty damn entertaining. There were no brain pretzels or causal hints used for figuring out future events. All necessary information was laid out for the viewers in straightforwardness, and if the viewer was still oblivious, the writers further reinforced the necessary info through basic dialog between the characters. The episode consisted of three important story arcs and one small scenario.
I’ll start with the small scenario. I call it small in reference to it’s importance, because from what I can presently tell it wasn’t all that necessary (even though it took up most of the screen time). The scenario I’m speaking of is “Hiro and Ando Go to White Castle”, err destroy a wedding in India. The entire story was for the viewer to believe Hiro will now stop being a winey, annoying character (he has replaced Mohinder in most hated for me at least). Hiro even explains for the viewer, out loud, that he now understands he can be a hero without powers, and he will work with Ando as his sidekick (roles reversed).
This obviously is due to not wanting to bring back the time travel element, which confused so many viewers and was often used as a crutch in the past.
The first important arc was the Bennet family’s thousandth revelation that Mr. Bennet lies to them. This of course was all a vehicle used by the writers to place Mr. Bennet in the arms of his kidnappers (Peter, Mohinder, and Parkman), which will possibly make for the best coming episode. This scenario also further cemented The Hunter’s doubt of Mr. Bennet, feeling Bennet’s loyalty is not strong and his objective is obviously blinded by his Claire-Bear. Claire now has a boy with Michael Phelps’ ability living in her closet, her mother and brother are suddenly less necessary characters due to Mr. Bennet’s separation, and we still are left to wonder who this “Rebel” is, (Daphne?). The viewer is also reminded that this is different, it’s not “The Company”, it’s not the same as the first season where a company was rounding up dangerous people with abilities, now the government is rounding up everyone, whether they are dangerous or not, and this was spelled out in the forefront through dialog between Claire and her mother.
The second large story arc was what was going on in Building 26. This was important for the viewer to understand so they believe in how powerful this operation can become in future episodes. Without the scenario of Tracy showing Nathan’s new boss-lady that people with abilities are dangerous, then future James Bond-type gadgets or even concentration camps, may not seem plausible. Now we learn the government will fund anything Nathan requests, the viewer can easily suspend their disbeliefs and understand that they could have laser guns and light sabers for all we know. There was also no suspicion left as to how Tracy got loose, it was simply revealed as The Hunter’s doing, the character who has became what Mr. Bennet was in the first season, ya know, before he got all mushy due to bonding with so many of these characters.
Sylar’s arc is important because we learn that his father will likely be revealed if not at the end of the next episode, then certainly in the one after that (his creepy sidekick mentioned it was a two day drive). The viewer is also given more information on how Sylar thinks. The guy doesn’t even consider himself a serial killer, showing he really has no remorse or even a know of, as to what he’s doing, but once understood he frustratingly belts out “OK, technically I’m a serial killer” (pretty bad ass). The kid that is hanging around him is there to create dialog for Sylar, otherwise he’d just be by himself in a car, and considering how awesome of a character he is, he needs to be interacting with someone. Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” and Talking Head’s “Psycho Killer” playing on Sylar’s car stereo made for some very, very awesome moments.
What else can I say besides next week is probably going to be amazing or a complete let down. We are going into this knowing the possibilities. Parkman drilling Mr. Bennet’s mind for everything he’s got.
I’m hoping I don’t get my expectations too high, only to be let down.

Overall 8 outta 10.