Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Shity

It looks like the PR team for The City is pulling out all the stops. You know things are bad when your publicist leaks "a story" to the NY Post about an on air fist fight between Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo. The two least likely people in the cast to say anything worse to each other than "Like stop." At least make the fight between that super skinny model who was offended, when an over medicated Kelly Cutrone, asked her 37 times if she was going to die from being skinny and Kelly Cutrone. The reason why this show is so bad, is because it's so transparently unrealistic.

1) The characters are terrible. I am in physical pain whenever Olivia comes on screen. Literal pain. It hurts to my head to hear her voice (I get a cramp in my leg, as well). If you really want to be in agony, check out My a$$ hurts looking at it.
2)Who (and I've asked this before) has a million dollar apartment at 23 years old, "just starting out" in Manhattan?
3) Finally, who in this "economic climate" can afford to go to places like Barney's for lunch EVERY day and eat out for EVERY meal?

On second thought, the more I think about that fight, the more I need it to happen. As a matter of fact, maybe I'll crash the set and beat the sh&t out of both of them (and the writers too).