Monday, February 2, 2009

REALITY BITES (posted by jill brady)

Sober House
It is so sad to watch Steven Adler - he is just fighting his heroin addiction and losing. Very hard to watch - like that A&E show Intervention. Reality TV is a very small world - Mary"s boyfriend/manager David was also one of the guys vying for Jo DeLaRosa on "Date My Ex" and one of Randy Spelling's roommates on "Sons of Hollywood".

Real Housewives of Orange County
I still can't get over how Gretchen thought Tamra's son was tempting. He is always leering in the corner - so swarmy and skeevy. With her peepaw boyfriend in the hospital (and he has passed since the show ended), I wonder what becomes of Gretchen - who will support her lifestyle? Will she have to sell her huge rock? "Gretchen on the Rocks" could be the next spin off - how she has to live off the money from her ring - lol. Lynn is my least favorite - she is so so vain and should open her eyes to see that her daughters are superficial just like her. I feel a fight between Jeana and Vicki brewing - that would be fab cat fight because they both cut to the quick.

The Bachelor
The girls didn't like it but I have to respect Jason for not giving out the last rose when he knew he wasn't into any of the last 3 girls. You can definitely see who he likes - I cringed for the girls who asked for a kiss. He was so not into that.

The Real World Brooklyn
New cast is totally not interesting to me. How could they have the most boring cast ever in NYC? I think I've actually outgrown this show - scary considering all the crappy shows I watch.