Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lost Boys (posted by Ryan Buynak & Ruben Roman)

How about Lost this week, eh, folks? The Lost Boys think this week's eppy, entitled "316", was the best episode of the season thus far. It was like a ride at DisneyWorld's Magic Kingdom. We had some help this week from Ryan's friend Chris, who is not as stupid as people think, and from a man called B-Luv. Here are some of our crazy thoughts.

Ben took off to kill Penny before going to the airport. He had a run in with Desmond and that's why Ben was so beaten up. That might also lead Desmond back to the Island.

Who arrested Sayid, and why are they taking him to Guam? Is that chick cop in cahoots with Ben, like the lawyer and the butcher? And the cop and the Indian and the sailor. Ben Linus was in the Village People.

All of them ended up on the plane!!! No plane crash this time? Were they just yanked from the plane in one of those flashes, maybe while they were over the Island? Or do you think that there was a crash?

Lapidus is back! That's crazzzyyyy. We love Lapidus. And we love shouting his name while walking down Lexington: "LAPIDUS!"

He looked good, all clean-shaven. However, we miss his mustache.

Speaking of Lapidus, how did he end up at the pilot of that plane?

We think Charlie told Hurley to go back, hence the guitar.

What the hell happened to Aaron? And what the hell is wrong with Kate, always slutting it up when she's sad?

Ms. Hawking and Widmore, former lovers, now enemies? Or are they partners and using Ben? Or is it Ben and Ms. Hawking versus Widmore?

Did you folks see the look on Ben's face when Hawking, in front of Jack and Sun, basically called him a liar? He gave her the crazy eyes.

Jack is starting to have faith. He took the fact that he found his father's shoes as a sign. He is trying to believe. This entire eppy was about believing, hence the title "316".

This week's episode was top-notch, indeed. How about that Bentham's suicide note, eh? Do you think we will see Locke come back to life? Ruben thinks he will come back to life on the Island, which, judging from Jin's DHARMA van, is in the '70s. There were two amazing scenes in this eppy: the one with Ben and Jack in the church, where Ben is telling Jack about Thomas the Apostle…and the scene where Jack is putting shoes on Bentham's feet, three cheers for that humdinger!

How about the trailer for next week's episode, eh? Holy cow! Did anyone catch the shot of Bentham about to hang himself…with Ben kneeling in the room with him? Holy cow!

Lake Jessup.