Monday, February 23, 2009

Os -yawn - cars

Does anyone watch the Oscars from start to finish? Are people riveted to their screens waiting to see who will win for Best Original Score in an Animated Short? Did anyone get super pumped and start dancing along with Hugh Jackman?
Below is my list of Hates and Sort of Likes for the 2009 Oscars.

Sort of Likes
1) Robert Pattinson looking like a hot vampire, leading me to believe that maybe he is one.
2) Tina Fey and Steve Martin ripping on Scientology to a room full of Scientologists.
3) Ben Stiller's portrayal of Joaquin Phoenix.
4) Jennifer Aniston looking slightly miserable due to the over powering presence that is Brangelina (I like Jennifer, but anything that entertained me during this snoozefest, I sort of liked).
5) Sean Penn not thanking his wife.

1) How very serious all the actors took themselves, like they just figured out the solution to the financial crisis and saved the world.
2) All the past Oscar winners saying something very long and boring about the nominees. What does Nicole Kidman have to do with Angelina Jolie and why would I give a sh&t what she has to say about her?
3) Heath Ledger winning the Oscar. Come on people, would he have won if he was alive?
4) No upsets. How great would it have been if Richard Jenkins won for Best Actor?
5) Beyonce.