Friday, February 27, 2009

HerOeD (by nick)

Cold Wars

So last night was Christmas 1996 and I didn’t get the Nintendo 64. Was “Cold Wars” a good episode? Yea, I guess… I will say I was totally into it while watching. After my mental recall though… was it what it could have or should have been? No, definitely not. The facts that Nathan had been the person who initiated what made them all fugitives and that Mr. Bennet was heavily involved, were not revelations. Most viewers also already knew that The Hunter is very dedicated to his mission and has doubted Mr. Bennet’s loyalty. New information to Peter, Mohinder and Parkman consisted of who The Hunter is, the fact that he is superior to Mr. Bennet in rank, and that Bennet had some words with Mohinder in an effort to warn them. The push/shove/throw match between Parkman and Mohinder was awkward and left me not surprised that Bennet escaped in the midst of it, however, I was surprised that his escape was completely meaningless due to being recaptured by Peter only seconds later. If it were anyone else it wouldn’t have been a let down, but this was Mr. Bennet’s mind, “The Man’s” mind. Mr. Bennet has bagged and tagged their kind for twenty years and all we as viewers really learned from diving into his brain was that he got a Rolex from Mrs. Petrelli and that he prefers Crosswords puzzles over Sudoku. Oh, we also learned Daphne is still alive but umm yea; hate to say I told you so.

It is beginning to bother me that Nathan is pretty much just a puppet character that the writers use very differently as a device in each volume. First Nathan was in denial of his own power and was trying to make Peter think he was crazy for believing he had one, hoping to keep it a secret so his career wouldn’t be affected. Next Nathan decides he wants to tell the world in a press conference that he can fly. Suddenly, due to being shot by Future Peter, he changes his mind and wants to keep this all a secret but plans to create an army of those with abilities to use throughout the world. Now on “Fugitives” he is obsessed with smothering out every last ability and is even considering a mass genocide for those with abilities. I feel like saying “Dude, make up your mind”. The other terrifying thought I’m having is the return of “Villain’s” Evil Mohinder. The government now has Mr. Thousand-Times-Benedict-Arnold in their possession and I can see him working happily alongside Nathan in no time. In the end we got to see that Mr. Bennet is still awesome and can say the words “morally gray” just as cool as when he said it in season one. It will be interesting to watch now fully knowing he is secretly against Nathan and The Hunter.

Overall 6.5 outta 10

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