Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Am I the Only Person That Thinks Jacko's Service Was Wacko?

There. I said it. I loved Michael and have no comment on his personal life, but did anyone else find yesterday a little weird? Here are 7 Reasons why:
  1. Brooke Sheilds actually said the names "Prince, Paris and Blanket" with a straight face.
  2. The lame Tweets from the Celebrity Community while the service was going on - For example: "I'm starting with the woman in the mirror. Bless you Michael." - by Pam Anderson.
  3. The Jackson brothers seeing this as an opportunity for a 2009/2010 Reunion Tour, in Vegas no less.. Really?
  4. Germaine singing way out of tune. I'm sure the brothers are rethinking that tour.
  5. Michael's coffin on stage during the concert (let's call it what it was, I'm sure there will be CDs available). Did anyone else find this creepy? Only thing that was creepier:
  6. Corey Feldman dressed as MJ.
  7. No wait. Scratch that. Joe Jackson getting a standing ovation. Creepiest.