Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reality Bites (posted by jill b): The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
So the big news was that the promos were totally misleading about someone who couldn't hook up in the bedroom. Big disappointment - was hoping for the "perfomance issue" episode.

Jillian and the boys frolicked around Spain and she turned down 3 of the 4 fantasy suite cards (kinda). First she met up with Kiptyn who is kinda awkward. Trista said in her blog that Kiptyn is an awkward kisser but watching this entire episode - Jillian was awkward kissing all the guys. Is it just her or the cameras?

Then a disheveled Reid (who usually looks so cute) met up to have a picnic and butcher the Spanish language - they seemed to have the most fun together. She is expecting a lot for these guys to gush their undying love and talk about proposals. When the roles are reversed though, on The Bachelor, the women are always spilling their hearts out . . . . usually to get stomped on.
On her date with Ed, Jillian just kept ragging about how much time they missed together and how she didn't get to meet his family. Jillian's plans to ''catch up'' with Ed? Well, at least she's gotten caught up with his tongue (OK - copied that from an article I read, but it's true!). When she was asking him what his family would think of her - he OF COURSE said that they would love her - what else can he say?!

You knew it was all over for Wes when he said "numero uno is most important here". Clearly NOT the "I love you" that Jillian was hoping for. They were not only unaffectionate - they were distant and he was pretty rude to her at the park.

At the Rose Ceremony, when Wes said he would be going home to have lots of sex - I hope you caught the shocked and disgusted expressions from Reid and Kiptyn - let's hope Ed's laugh was a nervous laugh and not a "I hear ya Buddy" laugh - or Jillian will be standing alone at the end. She should not have even walked him out of the Rose Ceremony - his limo interview was so crude.

After this week, the chemistry with Kiptyn is cooling down and Ed and Reid seem to be destined for final two. Onto Hawaii for more one on one dates. . . Don't they meet her parents? I thought that was usually at the end but maybe they didn't want to or maybe the show doesn't want to go back to Vancouver again.

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