Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7 Things in the News Today That Made Me Say "Stop It": 7/14

1) Joe Jackson is rumored to be pushing Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket to form a new band called The Jackson 3. Stop it.
2) Ryan Seacrest just signed ANOTHER deal that will make him millions - 45 to be exact. Stop it.
3) Ryan Seacrest is 34 years old. Stop it.
4) Emma Watson is on the cover of UK Elle looking super hot, whereby making all men (and women) feel super pervy.
5) The Jackson brothers are currently filming a reality series pilot for A&E, about their reunion tour, which will include footage from their brother's funeral, in order to generate more interest. Stop it.
6) Jennifer Aniston went from being linked to Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper to now Gerard Butler. (C'mon publicist) Stop it.
7) Photos have emerged of Hailey Glassman's smiling mugshot (Jon Gosselin's new twinkie). Apparently she was arrested for smoking the grass (as MOM calls it). Now she'll be forever known as Jon Gosselin's new 22 year-old burner burnout girlfriend (and it hasn't even been a month). Stop it.