Friday, July 24, 2009

VIEWS OF THE WEEK -JOHN EDWARD the Psychic (posted by Katina Corrao)

I love to talk. I really love to talk. So, the idea of communicating is just an awesome thing, especially to me, because, like I said, I love to talk. I have always been a talker. Even as a kid I would chat it up with anyone who would listen. In school, I was known for my “diarrhea of the mouth.” I even remember my 7th grade teacher looking at my class’s artwork of the mallard ducks we drew announcing that he knew exactly which one was mine because it was quacking. Talking makes me happy. It reminds me that at any moment, I can make a connection with someone and to me connections are great things. I believe we exist to connect and to share and I never want to miss out on an opportunity.

Now, I should probably mention that I am just as eager to talk with family and friends who have passed on, as I am to talk with those I can actually have a cup of coffee with. For instance, when I see a feather on the ground I never think that it comes from a shedding pigeon, but rather as a sign from my friend Lisa who passed away. I believe it is a little hello sent just for me. Pennies, feathers, butterflies, numbers are all things that at certain times I look to as a greeting from friends far away. I am also a big “sign” person. Like a sponge I absorb seemingly ordinary circumstances and believe they are signs from above.

So, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to The Psychic & Psychotic Show in the Wamu Center at Madison Square Garden. Psychic Medium John Edward teamed up with WPLJ'S Todd Pettengill to bring a packed theatre messages from those who have crossed over. Being a comedian I was more skeptical of Todd, the “psychotic” part of the duo, because I wasn’t sure how funny it would be to have him there making jokes as John gave readings. Much to my surprise they complimented each other very well. The anxious and eager audience held people of all ages who sat in anticipation that they would hear from the other side.

This was my second time at a John Edwards event. The first time I was in the front row and not surprisingly talked a lot to the people around me. I told them all about my friends who had died and expressed my hope that they would come through. I told then how
each one of them had died, when, where, so that even if the show was fixed every microphone also heard my every detail. Then after the show when I wasn’t read, I blamed it on the fact that maybe I said too much and thought I jinxed myself. So, this time I went alone, and didn’t look or talk to anyone. It was like a little experiment. In fact, eerily enough the seat next to me was empty. By the way, this is one of those situations that I was talking about earlier, where someone may not think anything of it but to me, it meant someone from the other side was sitting next to me. Regardless, I didn’t get a private reading. However, long story longer, the feeling that went through me as I saw other people being read was so much more powerful than if I had been read. I mean, listen, did I want Michael Jackson to come through and tell me he is happy that I am a fan of his on Facebook? Yes, but it didn’t matter because you see, I am a believer. I already see signs and attribute them to conversations with my spiritual friends. But to watch someone who has never experienced it before, to see a mother feel some relief that her child is okay, is simply beautiful. Husbands, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, friends, even a turtle came through to people one after another. John was convincing enough with precise details about these people/animals that it seemed almost impossible not to believe. He described personalities, wardrobes, locations, personal details like medications and sexual activity of their loved ones and we watched as troubled sad people reaching for something were transformed with feelings of calmness and hope. John brought love, joy and conversations back to sorrowful hearts. He gave them a chance to talk.

Communication is an awesome thing. I encourage you never to miss out on an opportunity to talk.

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