Monday, July 6, 2009

True Blood with Nick

“Scratches” (6/28)

“Scratches” begins with the immediate answer to last week’s cliffhanger, dismissing the conflict by resolution of Bill glamouring Jessica’s family to the point of believing everything was all right. A taste of the writers expressing “did you really care about what happened to Jessica’s family? Oh, well, sorry but we’ve got some craziness about to ensue that will make you forget last weeks episode anyways” was evident.

Suddenly Sookie is alone and being chased by some wild bull-headed-man-monster who seems to be particularly un-cool. Her back is shredded by it’s claw and then it leaves her be, only to be found moments later by Bill. After she’s cleaned up at Fangtasia by some weirdo old lady Sookie is back to normal as if nothing happened (cue the OR IS SHE?).

Daphne, Sam’s new waitress, is apparently a horrible employee but a seemingly more significant character than you may have first believed. I noticed how much they’d been throwing her down our throats so I figured she’d be more than just Sam’s new waitress, so the underwear party with Sam at the lake and her bull-man scar reveal was only a matter of time.

So did Jason Stackhouse do the big nasty with the Jesus freak blondie Sarah? I loved the vampire stories circle that caused him to rush out with the realization that he doesn’t belong there. According to Sarah, Jason is just like her, she’s an ex-vampire rights activist who lost her sister to a V addiction. All this convinces Jason’s dumb, dumb, ass to stay (and likely take care of Sara’s who-ha).

Other interesting tidbits:
Maryann is still a mystery, which was of limited development this episode with nothing more than a pig sighting and orgy parties at her house.
Lafayette is freed thanks to Sookie’s gift being put to use in a clever way (listening to the stupid Fangtasia bar maid’s stupid mind).
Tara seems to be really into “Mr. I’m Soooo Perfect”, but I have a feeling his whole persona is a complete sham.
Jessica is trying to live her vampire life but Bill is stifling her.

This episode was great but it did have its moments of non perfection.
Overall 9 outta 10