Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Reasons Why Entourage Rocks (again)

  1. Ari & Lloyd. The real stars of the show. There is never a bad storyline with these two (even a couple a few seasons back when Ari helped get Lloyd back together with his boyfriend). I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Lloyd to be an agent. He'll be better than Ari.
  2. The E Love Triangle. I must admit, I was over E a couple of seasons ago, due to his whiny nature and super short body. Now however, I am kind of digging the - E/Sloan/Barely Legal with an Attitude Fatal Attraction - Triangle.
  3. Drama's quotes. Drama has had some of the best quotes of the season including "I hate when people hate me" and "E. You miniature Stud."
  4. Turtle & His Seth Rogen Obsession. Fact: Seth Rogen is really ugly. Fact: No one ever says it. Fact: He probably gets laid all the time. Fact: Ugly funny famous guys get laid - a lot.
  5. Andrew. In the end, all Ari wants to do is keep his wife happy. In steps Andrew, his wife and a 26 year old agent. What can't be good for them, is great for us.