Friday, July 24, 2009

Quotes and Photos from the Real Housewives of NJ

"I feel like I could use one more strand of beads." - Dina

"Honey. Can't you see mommy's busy? I'll breast feed you after." - Caroline

"Oh my god! Check out Teresa's headband." - Dina

"Oh my gawd. Did I tell you I love green? It's like, I don't know ... classy. Did I use that word right?" - Teresa

"Hurry up dude. I'm trying to distract her for as long as I can - snag the Rolex already." - Random Wanna-be Jersey Model.

"Ohh. You want to be breast fed too? As long as you call me mommy." - Caroline

"Now if I could just stab this pen in her throat, my life would be awesome." - Jaqueline

"Yo. It like takes a couple of hours to get our hair like this." - Either one of the Mangini Momma's boys.

"I swear I haven't had any Botox injections in my lips, forehead and cheeks." - Dina.

(special thanks to Christina Lazopoulos Warnick for the photos).