Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heidi Montag Poll Results

Sharon Rose Miller writes

"As a Christian, I think this is God's will. Praise be to Jesus!"

Yesterday I took a POLL: Heidi Montag is going to be in the July issue of Playboy - shocked or duh?
Almost every LANALOGGER responded DUH.

Kristy Koenig - DUH!!!
Neahle Jones - Duh ... LOL! Who didn't see that one coming.
Christina Lazopoulos Warnick - Duh. After her video romp in a bikini, this is a step UP.
Jaime Cohen - Duh...but she's disgusting. Is any part of her actually real?

I love seeing the word "Duh" so many times. It's funny.
Anyway, I would have to agree with Jaime. While I don't necessarily find her disgusting, I think she is a droid. Spencer has literally turned her into a Stepford Wife. The question should have been - Is she alive or is she a droid? However, she does look like the perfect Playboy model. It's as if Hugh built her himself (I'm kinda jealous). LANALOGGER
Michelle Behler Sukanick writes

"I hope she wears the surgical mask from her honeymoon"

That's actually kind of hot. More thoughts on Heidi & Spencer? Email us lanalogue@gmail.com.