Friday, May 22, 2009

VIEWS OF THE WEEK: gossip girl

This is what you call a finale? Serena knows where her long lost dad is - did we even know he was missing? Lily and Rufus get engaged? Lame. Blaire kisses Chuck and says I love you? YAWN. Jenny is Queen Bee of a school I forgot she even went to, LANALOGGER Evan Chodos says

"What did you want someone to get murdered?"

Yes Evan. I did.
"Well it's written for 16-year olds, so get over it."

Whatever. What ever happened to the cliffhangers?

* Kimberly having half a face.
* JR getting shot.
* Ross walking off the plane with Julie.
* Finding out that chick was a man on Nip/Tuck.
* Dylan cheating on Brenda with Kelly.

What else am I missing? When I watch a show all year, I expect a HUGE GASP at the end (like Grey's Anatomy). Is that too much to ask?