Sunday, May 17, 2009


LANALOGGER Julia Quigley Bender writes

"Hope this makes the LANALOGUE. The other morning, the movie "The Baster" was filming outside my house, literally. This picture was taken by my husband from our living room window. The best is the email exchange that occurred before he sent me the picture:
husband: I had coffee with Jennifer Aniston today. she makes her own.
me: Really? I had a lengthy conversation with Jason Bateman, he liked my bag. (note - that's a total lie, i thought my husband was being a jerk)
husband: whatever dude. She was getting her own coffee and then sitting on the steps across the street from us. Needless to say we didn't talk much.
me: I didn’t realize you were such a Jen fan. Kinda makes me sad.

Then we went on to discuss what we planned to have for lunch, which is much less interesting."

I love when other couples get into tiffs over celebs. It makes me feel normal. Do you fight with your significant other over celebs? We want to know. Email us