Friday, May 29, 2009


Good Finales

As we said last week, what happened to all the good finales? Here are some of our LANALOGGERS favorites:

Christopher Bower -
"Are you watching Southland??? The season finale was INSANE!!!"

I need to get into that. I love the dude from The OC.

Nazanin Dana -
"HIMYM! The Mother is an architecture student!"

Please tell me that dumb show is finally off the air.

"Other great Friends finales/cliffhangers include: Season 4, The One With Ross' Wedding ("I, Ross, Take Thee Rachel") Oops! and the end of Season 5 - The One in Vegas, Part II, when a drunken Ross and Rachel come stumbling out of a wedding chapel as man and wife. With all due respect, Lana, the airport episode with Rachel & Julie wasn't a season finale/cliffhanger, it was the first show of Season 2 ("The One With Ross' New Girlfriend")."

Actually - the finale was Rachel waiting in the waiting area - and you see Ross coming down the airport tunnel with Julie and kissing her - Rachel still having no clue. Don't sass me about Friends sista.

Douglas Madden -
"Cliffhanger (the movie with Sly Stallone). Now that was an avalanche of thrills. Seriously."

My personal favorite. although that was neither TV show nor finale - and barely a movie.