Saturday, May 30, 2009

RWRR: How Old Are These Guys, Really?

RW/RR - The Duel 2
LANALOGGER Terry Houston writes

"Someone's going to die in the next few episodes with all the big boys going after each other. Great show, hot girls, dudes all jacked up on roids whose appearance fee's depend on them getting as much face time on TV as possible. Girls being as slutty as possible so they get more money on the appearance circuit. It's a top three reality show on TV. As the Sports Guy writes it should officially become America's fourth sport over hockey ... football, baseball, basketball, the duel. I can't wait for someone to do a documentary on these people in ten years. They have created their own cult that mesmerizes me. The guy Mark on that show is freaking 38 years old!!!!! He has been living this life since 1994 when he was on Road Rules. Fifteen years of reality show appearances, taking roids, and hooking up with hot girls on challenges. It blows me away."

Hey Terry. Are you on roids? Look at what Reality TV does to you. These 30 year olds have the mentality of 19 year olds. Am I jealous because of all the reasons Terry said - maybe. However, they are frozen in time from when their season was on. It's sad to watch. Annessa and Rachel had a 2 month relationship 7 years ago and she is still in love with her. Easy Ross Geller.