Sunday, May 17, 2009


What's the deal with Jon and Kate? People Magazine has them on the cover. LANALOGGER Celia Coulombe writes

"ratings ploy. their compensation has probably been renegotiated to be tied to audience figures. next we'll hear that she's leaving Jon for Heidi Montag. And Jon will be consoled by Samantha Ronson."

That episode of the Hills would DEF suck my armpit. LANALOGGER Christina Lazopoulos Warnick writes

"I think he totally did. Hello - in the car and she's at the wheel "b/c it was a new car and she wanted to check it out"?? Please. He was out getting loaded and leaving to get laid! The only thing I don't get is this - how does one have time to find a girlfriend when you work, have 8 kids, have a wife, and are usually followed by a camera???? I don't even have time to go to the bathroom and I have 3 kids , stay home, no voyeur-cam here. He should write a book on time management to fill me in."

It's easy. Sneak it in while you take a shower. That's what I do with my boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Shh! Don't tell Chris. LANALOGGER Rebecca Hanley writes

"One thing is for certain -- Kate needs to start cheating on her hairstylist. Wtf is up with her do? It's like an inverted mullet. "

AMEN SISTA. You should write for The LANALOGUE.