Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real Housewives of NJ: Bashed & Crashed

Last week I bashed them, I couldn't even get through an episode. NOW (over the course of the weekend and last night), I am obsessed. How did this happen? This show is all I've been talking about all day - even to people who don't watch it. What made me change my mind? after much soul searching I have decided it's one of three things:

1) The Botox Party
  • We watched them get botox injections in their lips forhead and cheeks.
  • They acted as if this was a normal activity.

  • Dina denied she has botox, even though her face screams "I had botox 5 minutes ago".

2) Bravo = Cable

  • In one episode they said Blow Job - "He goes over for his daily blow job"

  • In that same epidose they said P&ssy - "I'm the one with the p&ssy"

  • They didn't beep those words out

3) Foul? No, I'm More Foul.

  • Danielle is an insecure slut

  • Dina is a concieted b&tch

  • Jacqueline is a weak pushover

  • Teresa is a selfish stage mom

  • Caroline is half man

On second thought, maybe it's all these reasons.