Friday, May 1, 2009

The Lost Boys (with R & R)

“I’m from the future.”

-Daniel Farraday

If you ask…you shall receive. Two weeks ago the Lost Boys ended our post with a request to the heavens for a Daniel episode. We’ll twitchy, we got one! Hell yeah. After last week’s quarter-buzz recap episode, we were in much need for a good answer-loaded eppy; the kind that makes you talk non-stop about it work the next day. We knew what we were in for right when the episode began with its wayward recapitulate. We’ll Ruben knew because in the two weeks between new episodes he has been hitting the cyberspace chase pretty hard, digging for spoilers and theories. Werd to the wise: stop digging, Lanaloggers. Learn from Ruben’s mistake(s). For example, last weekend he comes to me in a frenzied fit, ranting and raving about someone dying on the show. But I wouldn’t allow him to tell me. And then at the end of this week’s eppy, when Daniel’s eyes stand still, Ruben stands up and starts shouting, “Daniel’s dead! That’s what I had been trying to tell you!” He used a lot of profanities in that scene, but we cannot transcribe them here. The point of this digression is to warn you Lost fans: don’t go digging too deep…or you could ruin the surprise for everyf**kingone! Besides, that is what Ruben is for: ruining things.

Boom. Daniel Farraday pops out of the sub and into the veins of our eyes(?). And thus begins this week’s adventure. We got a ton of answers this week. We now know Widdmore definitely faked the plane crash. We now know that Daniel’s girlfriend’s condition, and his own, are a result of his testing his research on them. We know now for sure that Eloise Hawking is Dan’s mum. And Widdmore is his father! We know about the chain of events leading to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. We know destiny and freewill do not like each other. We know mathematics and time travel confuse us, just like in grade school.

We, the audience, always knew these things, but now we know that they are correct. They are tiny solutions in the big equation. We speculated that Widdmore was Dan’s dad, but now we know for sure. And it still blew our minds.

How did Daniel get that DHARMA recruit photograph with the O6 in it? Did anyone notice the restaurant Eloise took her son on his graduation day? It looked to be a mid-east or Egyptian restaurant. Oh snap! Did you see Juliet’s face when Sawyer called Kate as “Freckles”? Can Miles talk to Daniel’s dead body and still change the outcome of the past/future?

Then Daniel takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to young Charlotte and confuse the hell outta us. At first he says that he felt he couldn’t change anything, that whatever happened, happened. And then he says he thinks he can change something, a variable. Then, why did he still tell young Charlotte to leave the Island? If he can change it, why tell her at all?

Then there is that unnecessary gunfight between K, D, and J, and that crazy part-time scientist, part-time mercenary Radzinksi. Seriously, why was that scene needed? Foreshadowing, we guess. Forced foreshadowing, we say. Dan gets shot then says that whole speech about people and time and death. Yada yada yada. Sometimes we wish that he would just spell it out for us. Then again, sometimes we don’t. We’d rather figure it out, like an equation. Even though Ryan hated algebra. And Ruben is so impatient he looks online for quick fixes and ends up pulling his hair because of what he knows. Maybe this is why Daniel is craxy…because of what he knows. Maybe this is why he was crying while watching the footage of the found (fake) Oceanic wreckage. His brain knew that he is involved. Somehow.

And now Eloise is pushing Dan to work for Widdmore. Why is it when Eloise and Widdmore mention the Island they say it with a weird emphasis? “I have sent my son back to the Island, knowing full well…” Then she slaps Charles and gets into a cab.

Ever since that one eppy where you can see someone moving in the background shadows, we have been searching the backgrounds of each scene, trying to find some hidden gem. Did anyone out there see anything in the background of this eppy?

For more on time travel, try reading Greg Egan or Jack Finney or Godel.

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