Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hills: It Sucks

For the love of Christ. This show just sucks my Armpit. 7 Reasons Why:
  1. The acting is terrible. For example. it gives me less credibility as a human being when I am watching the show and Chris walks in during a scene like the one where Stephanie "I am on drugs all the time" Pratt "forgets to pack boxes for Lauren" and everyone acts shocked.
  2. Lo's fake job and even more fake reaction when Stephanie "forgets to pack the boxes".
  3. Justin Bobby & Audrina - I mean still with this sh&t? Get her a new boyfriend for godsakes.
  4. We had to listen to Audrina on the phone with Justin, instead of being able to hear The Script.
  5. Are the writer's on vacation? Why are they making such a big deal about firing Stephanie? Lauren should have walked out of her meeting with Kelly Cutrone and said to Stephanie "Kelly just told me to fire you. Sorry. Bye."
  6. Again. Why would anyone as good looking as Stacy waste her time with Spencer. It's so unrealistic even the writer's don't believe it.
  7. Lauren needs to get laid.
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