Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Top 5 "Lamest/Confusing/I Just got Dumber From Reading This Tweet" Tweets Today (and it's not even 9AM)

iamdiddyiamdiddy: Don't get Mad get Money!!!!! Let's go!
(Awesome advice from Diddy before 9AM.)

aplusk: I just don't understand why sex is perceived as somehow more reckless than violence
(Really?  Where is this?  In your mansion in Hollywood?)

DJ_AM: Playin poker with @missnickyhilton and @jonalagem and losing! Oy vey
(Just stop tweeting ... now.)

ShannaMoaklersome: H8'ers should know, I stopped trying to appease the 
masses right after high school. and life has been VERY good.
(Umm.  wait.  I thought you were a celebrity.)
ddlovatoLameover at the airport... BUT I'm officially on vacation! WOO! This feels so weird....
(What.  Being on vacation or using the word "Lameover"?)