Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SIGHTINGS BY LANALOGGERS - Deanna from The Bachelor/Bachelorette

LANALOGGER Erin Daugherty writes

"In case anyone knows of Deanna from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette history, she called out “play ball” to start the Braves game last night. Now that wouldn’t seem to be a very difficult task, but she didn’t do a great job….she just kinda mumbled it quickly. Anyway, she was standing right in front of me so I took this pic w/my Blackberry (zoomed in).

Incidentally, I was at the game with three guys I work with and you should have heard me trying to give them the explanation of who Deanna is, “Well, she was on The Bachelor but Brad didn’t pick her - he actually didn’t pick anyone! - then she was the Bachelorette and she picked Jesse and got engaged to him, but then dumped him. The guy she DIDN’T pick was Jason, and he was the last Bachelor and he picked Melissa Rycroft and then dumped her and now she’s a shining star on Dancing With The Stars! Oh, and apparently Deanna is dating Ace from the Real World, who is a part-owner of a bar in Midtown.”

Did any of the guys try and make out with you to get you to stop explaining? PS-Deanna's expression looks like someone who just mumbled "Play Ball" in front of thousands of people.