Monday, March 30, 2009

Brad and DAD - The Quest for a New BFF

Not sure if you have heard the news, but the Jolie-Pitts have officially arrived in Huntington, NY (which is on Long Island). A bartender at the local french restaurant said that they had been in for dinner 2 weeks ago. The local pizza place said that Brad came in last week, ate a slice of pizza and left - no one even knew it was him. We also heard that Brad's mom was seen picking up Shiloh and Sahara from the local school. How do we know all this exactly? Well, the Jolie-Pitts have moved to a specific place in Huntington called Lloyd Neck and unfortunately for them, it happens to be on the same block as my parents.
From the moment we heard the news a few months back, DAD (see above picture) has made it his mission to become BFFs with Brad. I'll never forget the day he called me and said "Can you believe I'm gonna be hangin out with these guys?"
He has his plan all formulated out - some elements
(and by all means not all) include: my twins, his motorcycle, some figs, an Indian Headdress and a whisper of danger. He has already convinced himself that they were born to be BFF's. Today, March 30th, will mark the first day of DAD's Quest to win over Brad. We know it won't be easy . Just today a local florist (and LANALOGGER), tried to drop off flowers to the house to welcome them and the mean man on the intercom told them to beat it and "dump" the flowers.
Will Dad's "The Secret" type mind games be enough? Will DAD's eccentric clothes lure Brad? Does he have what it takes? We will be sure to keep you posted

Any ideas for DAD in his Quest for Brad? He will take any and all suggestions and we will film him doing it. Email us at